How to Find External Links and References in Excel

What are External Links or References? When you create formulas in Excel and refer to a data point in an another workbook, Excel creates a link to that workbook. So your formula may look like something as shown below: Note that the part highlighted in yellow is the external link (also called external reference). This […]

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1 How to Generate Random Numbers in Excel

There may be cases when you need to generate random numbers in Excel. For example, to select random winners from a list or to get a random list of numbers for data analysis or to create random groups of students in class. In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate random numbers in Excel (with […]

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2 How to Use Flash Fill in Excel 2013 and 2016

Using Flash fill in Excel - example 3 result

Watch Video – Using Flash Fill in Excel (Examples) Flash Fill is an amazing tool that was added in Excel 2013 and is available in all version after that. You can use Flash Fill in Excel to make data entry easy. It’s a smart tool that tries to identify patterns based on your data entry […]

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