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I am Sumit Bansal, and I regularly share Excel tips & tutorials on this blog. Through this blog, I reach out to thousands of Excel enthusiasts daily and help them be more efficient at their work. I have also been recognized as an Excel MVP by Microsoft. You can read more about me here

Sumit Bansal

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The Ultimate Excel VLOOKUP Guide (with 10 Useful Examples)

VLOOKUP function is the most popular Excel function. This tutorial has 10 practical examples that will make you a pro in using the VLOOKUP Function in Excel.

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10 Tips to Handle Slow Excel Spreadsheets

Slow Excel Spreadsheets is a real pain for millions of Excel users. In this tutorial, you will learn about 10 Excel Tips that can help you speed-up your Excel workbook.

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Creating Excel Drop Down Lists in Excel

Excel Drop Down Lists are amazing when creating Excel Dashboards, interactive lists or reports. Learn how to get started with drop down lists in Excel.

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20 Useful Excel Macro Examples

24 ready-to-use Excel Macro example codes that will save you time and automate some of your work.

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Creating a Heat Map in Excel

Heat Maps are great when you need to highlight data in tabular data. Learn how to use Conditional Formatting to quickly create it.

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Excel Timesheet Template

Download an easy to use Excel timesheet template. Use it to record the in/out time of an employee and calculate regular and overtime pay.

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Creating a Pivot Table in Excel

In this step-by-step guide, learn how to create a Pivot Table in Excel and use it to create reports in seconds.

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Advanced Filter in Excel

You can use many different tools to analyze data in Excel. One such powerful tool is Advanced Filter in Excel.

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In this ultimate guide, learn all about looping in Excel VBA (For Next, Do While, Do Until, and Foe Next)

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100+ Excel Interview Questions

Have an interview scheduled? Here is a list of 100+ Basic and Advanced Excel Questions that will help you ace the interview.

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