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7-Part Video Training for Excel 2016

Here is what you'll get in this FREE Excel Training:

7 short HD Videos that will make Excel easy to learn and fun to use. You get instant access to the first lesson and then one video lesson every day

Practice makes you perfect. So you get all the practice files used during the recording of these videos. 

Your Excel training shouldn't stop with the videos. Get some useful resources and cheat sheets with every video to become an Excel pro

-- Here is What the Students Are Saying -- 

I work in a finance company since a year and everyone here is really good with excel. I always doubted whether I will ever be able to master in excel. Thanks to people like you who make this possible. Its just the beginning of my career and I hope I will EXCEL.

Pooja Naker

Your tips have been very useful in my day to day use of Excel. I have started to use several of your shortcut tips regularly.

Thanks you for putting in all your time and hard work to make our lives easier.

Manuel Eades
United States

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Topics Covered in this Free Excel Training?


Copy Paste Secrets Used by Excel Pros

Copy paste is more than a simple Control C and Control V. In this video, you get the know the powerful ways of copy pasting data in Excel. Additionally, I also share my favorite mouse tricks that save me tons of time every day.


Excel Functions Basics + 3 Excel Function Examples

What the difference between a function and a formula? What are operators and how to use it in Excel formulas? Why knowing the order of precedence can make a difference? Watch this video to get answers to these questions. Additionally, also learn how to use SUM, COUNT, and AVERAGE function in Excel.


Advanced Excel Functions Made Easy

Let's get advanced with this video. Learn how to use IF function (and the wonders of Nested IF), SUMIF function, and the VLOOKUP function. This video will make it simple to follow these advanced function with some practical examples (and of course you get to download the examples and practice yourself).  


How to Handle Large Data Sets in Excel - The Exact Tools I Use Every day

Don't get bogged down by large data sets. Watch this video and learn how to can easily manage large data set with panache. In this video, you will learn about Freeze Panes, Split worksheets, filtering and sorting data (along with a cool technique to sort data based on cell colors). 


The Wonders of Conditional Formatting in Excel

Conditional formatting blows life to your boring dull reports. Watch this video and learn how you can quickly add amazing layer of visual analysis by using conditional formatting. And do remember to check out the additional resources I share with the video (it's legen - wait for it - dary)


Chuck those boring numbers! Let's Visualise Data with Excel Charts

You know what management loves more than donuts and coffee? Charts!!! In this video, I will introduce you to some amazing Excel charts and show you how easy it can be to convert your no-one-looks-at-me data into everyone-loves-me charts 


Pivot Table - The Swiss Army Knife to Slice and Dice Data in Excel

Pivot Table, without a doubt, is one of the best data tools to have braced the mother earth. It can summarize huge data sets in milliseconds (no kidding!). If you have a boss who asks too many questions about the data, Pivot Table is what you need. Watch this video to learn the basics of Pivot Table that will get you started on the road to productivity. 

Meet Me - Your Instructor For this Excel Training!

My name is Sumit Bansal and I will be your instructor throughout this FREE online Excel training. 

I have practically been in a relationship with Excel since 2007. My aim in this course is to give you the best possible Excel learning in just 7 videos. I have been highly passionate about learning and teaching Excel and have trained thousands of Excel enthusiasts to use Excel the most efficient way.

I have also been recognized as an Excel MVP by Microsoft for my passion to learn and teach people on using Excel the right way.

Sumit Bansal Excel MVP Trump Excel - Free Online Excel Training

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