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    ​Create high quality dashboards and reports that will impress your boss/clients
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    ​Instantly generate insights from raw data without waiting for hours or even days
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    ​Quickly update data, formulas, charts/tables in your reports (saving you tons of time)


Excel Dashboard Course will teach you everything you need to know to create world class dashboards and reports. It's an online self-paced course that will start benefiting you right away. It is full of practical examples and has already helped 350+ students.

Can you Afford to Refresh / Update Reports Manually?

The answer is NO!

Let me start here with an assumption that you spend 2 hours a week updating/refreshing reports and dashboards.

That sums up to 104 hours in a year.

Considering your time is worth $20 an hour (a very conservative estimate), that’s $2080 worth of your time every year.

What if I tell you that you can save this time?

Imagine what all you can do with so much extra time. You can spend it with your family and friends, learn something new, travel, or plain-old relax and enjoy whatever you like.

But instead, you're stuck with reports and dashboards that take forever to update.

It doesn't have to be this way.

I've something that can change all this - The Excel Dashboard Course. It will teach you how to create world-class dashboards and reports while saving a lot of time and effort.

I just wanted to let you know that I think your dashboard course is excellent. I have been able to produce some excellent reports in my job using what I have learned. Thank You.

Mat Ward
United Kingdom


I am Sumit Bansal, your Excel Dashboard instructor for this course. I have been training people in advanced Excel and dashboards for more than 10 years.

I have also been honored with the Microsoft Excel MVP status for my expertise in Excel.

Sumit Bansal Excel MVP Trump Excel

Creating an Excel Dashboard is like juggling many balls at the same time. You need to know how to get all the nuts & bolts together to create that perfect dashboard.

While every dashboard/report is different, there are some common magic rules to follow when creating these.

Drawing from my experience, in this course, I have made sure you get to learn everything about Excel Dashboards in a structured way.

When you're done with the course, I guarantee you'll be able to create robust world-class Excel Dashboard that will benefit you (and others) a lot.

Sumit, I always thought of myself as an intermediate user of Excel but I really like your teaching style. It does not assume any preconceived knowledge or skills. It just leads us through in a logical and easy-to-follow style. So, thanks!

Steve Rowell
United States

Here's What's Included

Excel Dashboard course is a 100% online self-paced video course where you get access to all the lessons and download files as soon as you register. The lessons are full of practical examples that will help you save time and be productive from Day 1 itself.

The course is packed into 6 modules that will cover all the Excel dashboard concepts and then show you how to create real-life fully functional dashboards from scratch.

Module 1: Excel Dashboard Essentials

Excel Dashboard Course - Dashboard Essentials

In this module, you get introduced to the concept of Excel Dashboards and learn about some inbuilt Excel features that are useful while creating a dashboard.

  • Introduction to Excel Dashboards
  • Using Camera Tool for Dashboards
  • Overview of Excel Table
  • Number Formatting Tricks for Dashboards
  • Using Symbols in Dashboards
  • Wonders of Conditional Formatting
  • Using Sparklines in Excel Dashboards

Module 2: Dashboard Nuts & Bolts

Once you have a good understanding of the Excel dashboard essentials, this module will teach you about the building blocks you need to create an Excel Dashboard. 

  • Getting the Data Ready for Excel Dashboards
  • Understanding Important Dashboard Formulas (VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, SUMPRODUCT, etc.)
  • Using Interactive Controls in Excel Dashboards (Scroll Bar, Check Box, Radio Button, Drop Down Lists, etc.)
Excel Dashboard Image - Module 2 Nuts and Bolts

Module 3: Excel Charting for Dashboards

Online Excel Dashboard course - Charting Module

This module is all about Excel charting. It will show you how to create amazing interactive charts that will take your dashboards to a whole new level.

  • Introduction to Excel Charting
  • Creating the Right Chart
  • Creating Interactive Charts in Excel
  • Using Bullet Charts in Excel Dashboards

Module 4: VBA Toolkit for Excel Dashboards

With VBA, you can unleash the hidden powers in Excel. You can do a lot of amazing things with VBA, which are otherwise not possible with Excel inbuilt features.

  • Sort and Filter Data using VBA
  • Hide/Show Data using VBA
  • Double Click a Cell to Update Charts/Dashboards
  • Creating Custom Formulas using VBA
  • Change Chart Types with a Single Click
  • Working with Charts using VBA
Excel Dashboard Course - VBA Toolkit

Module 5: Creating Dashboards From Scratch (5 Examples)

In this module, you get five full-length tutorials on how to create dashboards from scratch. Each video will show you how to take the raw data and create beautiful and dynamic dashboard using it


Call Centre Performance Dashboard

Learn how to analyze daily call center type dataset with this amazing dashboard. In this dashboard video, you will learn how to work with sparklines, interactive controls, charts, and advanced Excel formulas.

Call Center Performance Dashboard in Excel


Sales Pipeline Management Dashboard

In this dashboard, you will learn how to analyze sales pipeline data. You will learn the smart technique of using interactive controls (drop down list, radio button, checkboxes) to make the dashboard user friendly and allow the user to analyze data with a single click.

Dashboard Pipeline


HR Training Performance Dashboard

In this interactive dashboard, you will learn how to use advanced Excel formulas to analyze data and get relevant insights from it. It also uses conditional formatting to add visual analysis to your dashboard.

Dashboard 1 HR


Sales Dashboard (Powered by Pivot Table and Pivot Charts)

In this dashboard, you will learn how to quickly create an amazing interactive dashboard in less than 15 minutes. It uses slicers to create interactive buttons that instantly updates the dashboard on selection.

Dashboard Sales Pivot


Game of Thrones Visualization Dashboard (with VBA)

This dashboard lesson is packed with a lot of powerful techniques. You will learn how to lookup and update images based on selections. You will also learn how to use radio buttons to sort data, use checkboxes to show selective data, and use conditional formatting to add visual appeal to your dashboards. 

Dashboard GoT

[BONUS] Module 6: Dashboard Extras

Bonus Module Excel Course

In this bonus module, you'll learn about some additional features that will add more power to your Excel dashboards.

  • Data Validation Techniques for Dashboards
  • Excel Named Ranges Overview
  • Pivot Table Overview

Assignments + Solutions

A course wouldn't be complete without some assignments.

There are two video assignments in this course in two different modules. Each assignment is based on the concepts that are covered in that module.

Once you have attempted the assignment, you can go through the solution video where you'll learn exactly how to solve a given problem.

Online Excel Dashboard Course - Assignment and Solutions

What All Do You Get?

Access to 14+ Hours of Excel VBA Tutorials

As soon as you join the course, you get access to the entire Dashboard course (14+ hours of video tutorials)

​Downloadable Example Files

​The video tutorials are accompanied with downloadable examples files used during the recording of the videos

​Downloadable ​Videos (HD Quality)

​You can download all the dashboard course videos (HD quality) and watch at your own pace from any device

Exclusive Facebook Group

You will get access to the exclusive access to our Facebook group. You can ask queries, interact with other students, help each other, and give suggestions/feedback

Wait.. It Gets Better!

BONUS #1 - Advanced Charting For Dashboards (2 Videos)

Dashboard Adv Charting

Charts can be a powerful way to communicate insights and tell a story using the data. In this bonus, you'll learn 10 advanced techniques that will supercharge your dashboards. It includes:

  • Project Management Charts
  • Comparison Charts
  • Dynamic Charts

Apart from this, you'll also learn the 'Rollover Mouse' technique that brings the power of VBA to Excel Dashboards.

BONUS #2 - Excel Formula Guide

You can't go far in Excel without a good understanding of functions. This guide will help you in mastering most used Excel functions. You'll get a PDF explaining all the function and example Excel Workbooks.

  • 70+ Excel Functions Explained
  • Downloadable Example Files

BONUS #3 - Excel Tips Ebook

Practical Excel Tips that will skyrocket your productivity and save a lot of time.

In this bonus, you'll get a 59 page PDF that covers a variety of topics such as:

  • Excel Formula Tips
  • Excel Efficiency Tips
  • Conditional Formatting Tips

BONUS #4 - Excel Shortcuts Cheatsheet

In my first job, the very first thing my manager asked me to focus on was - you got it - Excel Shortcuts.

While it sounds weird to be asked to learn Excel shortcuts, but I soon realized it was important. People who knew these got better ratings and went home earlier (no kidding!).

Excel Shortcuts can really save you a lot of time. If you're still stuck with the mouse, start with this simple shortcuts cheat sheet.

You made it all look so simple.

I can't wait to try it for myself and make myself look like an Excel Goddess at work.

Jenny Barker
United States

This Means that by the Time You are Finished with the Course, You'll be able to:

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    ​Create World-class Excel Dashboards that will impress your boss, client, and colleagues
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    ​Quickly Generate Daily/Weekly reports saving yourself tons of time and effort
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    ​Acquire an In-demand Skill that will make you stand out from the crowd
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    ​Create and Use Dynamic Charts to tell a story from raw data
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    ​Create Dynamic Formulas that will automatically update when you simply plug in the data

Learn at Your Pace - Lifetime Access!

This is a 100% online go-at-your-own-pace video course that allows you to learn at your own comfort.

Since you get a lifetime access to this course, you don't have to worry about losing access or having limited time to complete this course.

Each lesson is packed with actionable steps and you also get the example files so you can follow along and practice at the same time. You can watch these videos any number of times from anywhere and on any device.

So no matter where you're, your learning would never stop.

Join the Excel Dashboard Course



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    Lifetime access to the course
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    ~14+ hours of Excel Dashboard Videos
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    Access to all future additions to the course
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    Downloadable course videos (HD)
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    BONUS: Advanced charting for Excel Dashboards
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    BONUS: VBA Toolkit for Dashboards
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    BONUS: Excel Ebook + Functions Guide
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    BONUS: Excel Shortcuts Cheatsheet
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    Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group

​H​ow does it work?

​Simple as pie. When you enroll for the course, you get a link to the registration page (the link is also emailed to you instantly). Visit the registration link to create a Login Id and Password and get instant access to the full video course.

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