Does it feel like your life is confined to the cells in Excel?  Here is how I could breakfree and why I learned VBA

Excel VBA Is For You If :

  • You spend a lot of time doing manual repetitive tasks in Excel
  • You regularly refresh reports/dashboards - and it eats up a lot of your time
  • You want to automate common tasks so that these can be done by others with a click of a button
  • You want to acquire an in-demand skill that will supercharge your career growth


VBA is an easy-to-learn Excel back-end language that has saved time & energy for many data warriors! Excel VBA course is a power-packed, self-paced course that will start benefiting you right away. It is full of practical examples and has already helped 300+ students.

Did You Know?

Repetitive tasks are costing you a lot of money

Whenever you spend time on tasks such as data formatting, data cleaning, copy-pasting, or creating summaries/charts/pivot tables - YOU LOSE MONEY!

Let me put this in perspective.

Assuming you spend an average of 30 minutes a day doing these repetitive tasks, that sums up to 100 hours in a year (considering 200 working days in a year).

Considering your time is worth $20 an hour (a very conservative estimate), that’s $2000 worth of your time WASTED every year.

I've got some good news.

In this Excel VBA course, you can learn how to get rid of these boring repetitive tasks so that you can focus on things that really matter.

I am going through your VBA course and it's super helpful.

Despite being a beginner, I am totally following the videos and I've already started automating some of the things I have to do daily. Now I am getting a lot more done in less time. Thank You!

Garima Pareek

VBA - The Crazy Time Saving Machine

Automate Once - Reuse Forever

In my last job as a Financial Analyst, I was THE Excel guy. My work included creating dashboards and reports that were used by high-level executives to make decisions.

I loved it, but it also drove me crazy that I was spending a major chunk of my time cleaning and copy pasting data before I could use it for any meaningful analysis.

And then, as I started learning VBA, I was able to automate these tasks.

As a result, I was spending a fraction of my time on these not-so-important tasks and could focus on improving the Dashboards and Reports. That benefitted me (a promotion, salary hike, client appreciations) as well as my company.

Before I knew it, I was creating macros and applications for my team as well as the other teams that led to savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of man hours.

I have seen the power of VBA and that’s why I call it - The Crazy Time Saving Machine.

Apart from the benefit of saving time, VBA is also one of the highly coveted skills in the job market. Once you have it, you’re better suited for all the goodness in life - be it for a better rating, a quick promotion, a good increment, and a lot of appreciation from your clients and bosses.

Your VBA course is fabulous. I have listened to your videos twice up to Assignment 1. Since starting, I've improved my thinking about VBA coding. I have written some custom code for my work. I felt powerful and I'm only at Assignment 1.

Your course is SO AWESOME!!! I can't wait to get to the end.

Elizabeth R
United States