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  • You work with data that needs to be imported from various sources
  • You do the following tasks regularly - import the data, clean/transform it, create reports from it 
  • You need to combine data from multiple files, folders, databases, or web pages

Power Query - Why You Should Care?

Power Query is a relatively new tool in Excel that allows you to fetch data from multiple sources, clean and transform this data with a few clicks, and use it for creating reports, dashboards, and Pivot Tables. 

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I don't think I can do justice to Power Query's awesomeness by explaining it in 2 lines, so let me try and explain it with an example.

Tell me this - How much time would it take for you to combine data from 12-15 workbooks into a single data set? A few minutes or may be an hour I suppose...right?

If you're using Power Query, you can combine the data from all the workbooks in a few clicks.

Time taken: Less than a minute!

And what if you get a set of new workbooks next month?

Well - it only takes a few seconds now. Since you've already done it once, you simply REFRESH.

So to better frame it - Power Query allows you to connect to multiple data sources (be it files, folders, databases, web pages, etc.), fetch the data in a few seconds, clean the data with a few clicks, and then load it in Excel or data model for further use.

And when new data knocks, you simply refresh.

Below is a short demo of Power Query in action:

Power Query is not meant for Excel Pros only. Anyone who is comfortable with Excel can use this tool to automate their work. It has an easy to use interface and all you need to know is how to use it the right way.

How Can You Get Power Query? 

If you're using Excel 2016, Power Query is already available in your Excel workbooks. It's called 'Get & Transform' and is available in the Data tab.

If you're using Excel 2010 or 2013, then you can download and install the Power Query add-in (it's absolutely FREE). I cover this in the course.

Unfortunately, if you're using Excel versions before 2010, or using Excel for Mac, Power Query is not available to you.

Learn Power Query - The Fast and Easy Way

Power Query comes with a different interface and a lot of new functionalities. At first, you may find it overwhelming, but if you learn Power Query in a structured way - it's not difficult at all.

When I was learning Power Query, I had to go through a few books and the help section articles. A fragmented approach of learning made it difficult. But you don't need to go through the long and tedious process.

I have created this Power Query course to give you a complete overview of the tool, and then show you the awesome things you can do with it.

If you're able to use Power Query to automate even a little bit of your work, your time and investment in learning Power Query would worth it.

Meet The Instructor

I am Sumit Bansal, your instructor in this Power Query course. Over the past 10 years, I have trained thousands of people in using Excel efficiently. I have also been recognized by Microsoft as an Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

I have been learning and working with Power Query for some time now. Since it's a relatively new tool - with new features/functionalities frequently being added to it - I noticed a lack of good learning resources.

Sure there are some books and random videos, but a structured step-by-step process to learn Power Query is missing.

So, I created this course to help people learn Power Query form scratch - the fast and easy way.

Thank you so much for your tutorials and guidelines, I can say it has really made me a pro in the office due to the knowledge I've been able to get from you.

Andrew Otieno

Power Query Course - What's In It

This Excel Power Query course is a 100% self-paced online video course where you get access to all the lessons and example files as soon as you register. The lessons are crisp and full of practical examples that will help you apply the learning to your work from Day 1 itself.

The course is packed into 7 modules (~5 hours of videos) that will allow you to master the concepts in the best possible way.

MODULE 1: Power Query Overview (3 Videos)

Online Power Query Course Training - M1

This module gives you an overview of Power Query.

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    Introduction to Power Query
  • check
    Installing Power Query Add-in in Excel 2010 and 2013
  • check
    Overview of the Query Editor Interface

MODULE 2: Importing Data from Different Sources (5 Videos)

Online Power Query Course Training - M2 different sources

This module will show you how to connect Power Query to different sources and fetch data from it.

  • check
    Import Data from the Web
  • check
    Import Data from Text Files
  • check
    Import Data from CSV files
  • check
    Import Data from an External Excel Workbook
  • check
    Import Data from the Current Excel Workbook

MODULE 3: Appending Data (4 Videos)

Online Power Query Course Training - Append Tables

This module will show you how to append data from different sources using Power Query

  • check
    Append Excel Tables in the Same Workbook
  • check
    Append Tables from Multiple Workbooks
  • check
    Merge Different Tables and Queries

MODULE 4: Combine Data/Files from Folders (3 Videos)

Online Power Query Course Training - M2 combine folders

This module will show you how to connect Power Query to a folder and combine all the files in that folder

  • check
    Combine Excel Files from a Folder
  • check
    Combine CSV/Text files from a Folder
  • check
    Get a list of all the File names from a Folder

MODULE 5: Transforming the Data with Power Query (17 Videos)

Online Power Query Course Training - Transform Data

This module consists of short videos that will show you how to clean and transform the data using Power Query

  • check
    Split / Merge / Filter / Sort Data
  • check
    Replace Data / Transpose Data / Fill Down
  • check
    Group Data / Unpivot Data
  • check
    Adding Columns (Index Column, Conditional Column, Custom Column)
  • check
    Adding Columns from Examples
  • check
    Adding Date and Time Columns
  • check
    Rename / Remove / Delete / Duplicate Columns
  • check
    Transforming Text Data

MODULE 6: Power Query Functions (3 Videos)

Online Power Query Course Training - Formulas

This module introduces you to Power Query functions and how to use these effectively

  • check
    Overview of Power Query Functions
  • check
    Useful Text Functions
  • check
    Creating IF OR and IF AND functions

MODULE 7: M Language (5 Videos)

Online Power Query Course Training - Intro to M Language

This module introduces you to the powerful back-end language of the Power Query engine - the M Language.

  • check
    Overview of the M Language (reading and editing codes)
  • check
    Inserting comments in M Code
  • check
    Extract Data from a Table based on selection
  • check
    Get Dynamic File Names (File Path) based on selection
  • check
    Refresh Queries (with & without VBA)

What All Do You Get

Access to ~5 Hours of Power Query Tutorials

As soon as you join the course, you get access to the entire Power Query course

Downloadable Videos (HD Quality)

You can download all the Power Query videos (high quality) and watch at your own pace from any device

Downloadable Example Files

The video tutorials come with downloadable example files used during the recording of the videos.

Exclusive Facebook Group

You will get access to the exclusive access to our Facebook group. You can ask queries, interact with other students, help each other, and give suggestions/feedback

WAIT - You Get Some Excel Goodies Too!

BONUS #1 - Excel Tips Ebook

Excel VBA Training - Bonus

Practical Excel Tips that will skyrocket your productivity and save a lot of time. In this bonus, you'll get a 59 page PDF that covers a variety of topics such as:

  • check
    Excel Formula Tips
  • check
    Excel Efficiency Tips
  • check
    Conditional Formatting Tips

BONUS #2 - Excel Formula Guide

Formula Guide VBA

You can't go far in Excel without a good understanding of functions. This guide will help you in mastering the most used Excel functions. You will get a PDF explaining all the functions and example Excel workbooks.

  • check
    70+ Excel Functions Explained
  • check
    Downloadable Example Files

BONUS #3 - 30 Ready-To-Use Excel Macro Codes

Formula Guide VBA

Get ready-to-use macro examples that you can simply copy and paste in Excel and start automating tasks right away.

The Ebook contains VBA code examples of common tasks that are often needed when working with Excel (such as hiding/unhiding sheets, converting formulas to values, refreshing Pivot Tables, etc.)

Just by using the examples shown in this Ebook, you can save a lot of time every day/week.

By the time you're done with the course, You'll be able to:

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    Reduce the time you spend in collecting, cleaning, and transforming the data by 90-95%
  • check
    Refresh existing reports, dashboards, and Pivot Tables with new data in a few seconds
  • check
    Create custom functions in Power Query that you can reuse to fetch/transform data on a regular basis

You have no idea on how your videos are. They are great! You are so good at this, You teach with great consideration. What I mean by that is You teach at a level that is easy to understand and you explain really well in simple terms. Keep it up!

Dan Bottie




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    Lifetime access to the course
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    ~5 hours of Power Query Videos
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    Access to all future additions to the course
  • check
    Downloadable course videos (HD)
  • check
    BONUS: Excel Tips Ebook + Functions Guide
  • check
    BONUS: Ready to Use Excel Macros Ebook
  • check
    Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group

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