FREE Monthly & Yearly Excel Calendar Template (2018 and Beyond)

I am a big fan of using Excel templates to plan and manage work. I regularly use to-do lists and calendars to plan my days in advance.

In this post, I am sharing some useful Excel calendar templates that you can use in Excel or even take a print and stick where you work.

While it's easy to create a static calendar in Excel, I have used the power of Excel formulas to create dynamic calendar template that will update based on the selections you make.

It also makes it easy to quickly update the calendar and take a print if needed.

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Monthly Excel Calendar Template

Below is the demo of how the monthly calendar looks:

Monthly Excel Calendar Demo 2017 & 2018

You can specify the year in cell B1 and use the drop-down list in cell B2 to specify the month. Based on it, the calendar automatically updates.

You can also specify the holidays in the backend, and it automatically gets highlighted in the calendar.

You can also print this monthly calendar and write notes, plans, or reminders below it. Alternatively, you can write down the notes in the Excel and then take a print.

Click here to download the Excel Calendar Template

Yearly Excel Calendar Template

Similar to the monthly calendar, here is a yearly calendar.

It's a dynamic template so you can enter the year number in cell B1 and it will automatically update the calendar for the specified year.

Yearly Excel Calendar Demo 2017 & 2018

You can specify the holidays in the template and those days are automatically highlighted in the calendar.

The calendar has been made to fit in a single sheet when you print it. There is also some additional space below the calendar where you can write important notes.

Click here to download the Excel Calendar Template

Print out of the calendar would look as shown below:

Yearly Excel Calendar 2017 & 2018 with Notes

Note that you can specify the holidays in the Holidays tab in the template. Make sure that the date is entered in a format that Excel can understand as a date. For example, you can use the dd-mm-yyyy, or dd mm yyyy, or dd/mm/yyyy formats.

What goes into making this Excel Calendar Template?

For the Excel enthusiasts, here is what it took to make this calendar template in Excel:

  • Excel Formulas: This template used functions such as DATE, WEEKDAY, DAY, ISNUMBER, COLUMNS, and VLOOKUP.
  • Conditional Formatting: It is used to highlight the holidays in the calendar.
  • Drop-Down List: It is used to give an option to select the month in the monthly calendar.
  • Custom Number Formatting: It is used to show the numbers as months. For example, in yearly calendar, The text January is actually number 1. Select cell B3 in the yearly calendar, and you will see that the formula bar shows 1. This number is shown as the month name using custom number formatting.

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