Free Excel Leave Tracker Template (Updated for 2018)

One of my teammates has the responsibility of creating a leave tracker template in Excel for the entire team. This tracker template is then used to track vacations/holidays and planned leaves of the team members.

Till now, she used a simple Gantt chart in Excel but wanted something better with more functionalities.

So, I created this Excel Leave Tracker Template to make leaves management easy and track monthly and annual leaves by her team members.

Excel Leave Tracker Template

This Excel Leave Tracker template can be used to record and monitor employee leaves for a year (of a financial year where you can choose the starting month of the year).

You can track 10 different leave codes for an employee  – vacation leaves, sick leaves, maternity/paternity leaves, casual leave tracking, leave in lieu of overtime, and half days, etc.

It also provides a monthly and yearly total of different types of leaves that can be helpful in project planning and leave management.

It uses a bit of conditional formatting, a few DATE functions, array formulas, and a simple VBA code.

Download the Excel Leave Tracker Template (tracking for 20 employees)Download File

Looking for the Google Sheets version of this Leave Tracker Template? Click here!

How this Excel Leave Tracker Template Works?

  • This Excel template can be used to track leaves over a year. You can select a start month and can track leaves for a year. For example, if you follow the April-March cycle, select April 2018 as the starting month.
    • Note: The value in cell A1 is to change the time period of the leave tracker ONLY. DO NOT use Cell A1 it to move to the next month while recording leaves. Use the triangle icons next to the month names to go to the next/previous month and mark leaves.Excel Leave Tracker Template - Change start Month
  • Use the triangle icons next to the month name to move to the next/previous month (the template updates itself to show the dates for the selected month). There is a short VBA code that runs in the background whenever you change the month. It shows you the selected month only and hides all the other months.Excel Leave Tracker 2018- Change Months Scroll Bar - attendance vacation tracker
  • You can select the working days and non-working days (Weekends). At the right of the leave tracker, there is functionality to specify the working days by selecting Yes from the drop-down. If you select No, that day is marked as a non-working day in the leave tracker.
    • As soon as you specify the non-working days, those weekdays get highlighted in gray color in the leave tracker.

Excel Leave Tracker Template - Select Working Days and Weekends

  • You can update the holiday list in the worksheet named “Holiday List”. It will automatically be reflected in the tracker by highlighting those days in Orange color.Excel Attendance Tracker Template - Holiday List
  • To enter the leave record for employees, use the relevant codes based on the leave type (you can customize these leave codes). For example, in case of sick leave, use S, in case of Vacation, use V, as so on.
    • There are two codes reserved for half day leaves. you can enter H1 or H2 for a half day leave.Leave Codes You can use in the Leave tracker template in Excel Vacation Tracker Attendance
  • As soon as you enter the leave code for any employee, it gets highlighted in red (in the case of half day, it gets highlighted in yellow). If that day is a weekend or holiday, the color would not change.
    • Column NJ (highlighted in green in the pic below) has the number of leaves of that employee in that month. It counts the leaves on working days only (those on weekends and/or holidays are not counted). Half day leaves are counted as 0.5.
    • UPDATED: Column NK (highlighted in light red in the pic below) has the number of annual leaves taken by an employee. It counts the leaves on working days only (those on weekends and/or holidays are not counted). Half day leaves are counted as 0.5.Leave planner in Excel - Free Template - number of Leaves Month Year
    • Columns NL to NU gives the leave break-up by leave code (for the entire year). This could be helpful to keep a track of the type of leave that has been availed. Note that while Half Leaves are counted as .5 leaves in the total count, in the leave break-up, it is counted as whole numbers. For example, 2 half leaves would lead to 1 leave count, but you'll see two half leaves in the leave breakup.Leave Tracker Template in Excel - Leave Breakup by Type

I have created this leave/attendance tracker template for 20 employees. If you want to add more, just copy paste the formatting and formulas for additional rows.

Also, since there is a VBA code involved, make sure you always save it with .xls or .xlsm extension.

Download the Leave Tracker TemplateDownload File

Note: To update this template for any year, simply change the year value in cell A2. For example, to make it for 2017, just change the value in A2 to 2017. Also, you need to update the holiday list for the specified year.

The download file is completely unlocked so you can customize it to your needs.

Here is another version of the template that can track leaves for 50 employees.

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FAQ on using this Leave Tracker

Since I created this vacation/leave tracker, I have been inundated with emails and comments. What you see now is a refined version that has been possible due to all the feedback that I have got.

Based on the questions I get repeatedly, I have created this FAQ section so that you can get an answer faster (instead of waiting for me to respond).

Here are the most common questions I get about the Leave tracker template:

Q: I tried downloading the file but it downloaded as a zip. How do I use it?
A: I have fixed this issue, and now you should be able to download the Excel file directly.

Q: When I change the month, the exiting leaves are reflected in the changed month as well.
A: This happens when you use cell A1 to change the month. You need to use the arrow icons to change months. Cell A1 is to be used only to set the starting month of the calendar. For example, if you want the calendar to start from April, make cell A1 value 4. Now to move to March, use the triangle icons.

Q: I need to track multiple years of leaves. Do I need to create a new worksheet for each year (financial year)?
A: Yes! This leave tracker can only track leaves for a 12 month period. You need to create a copy for each year.

Q: Can I use my own leave codes?
A: Yes! You can change the leave code in cells NX8:NX17. You also need to specify the same code in cells NL5:NU5. For example, if you change the Work from Home leave code to X, you also need to change it in NR5.

Is this leave/vacation tracker helpful?

Are there any other areas where you think an Excel template could be helpful? I am hungry for ideas and you are my gold mine. Do share your thoughts in the comments section 🙂

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