Free Excel Leave Tracker Template (Updated for 2017)

One of my teammates has the responsibility of creating a leave tracker template in Excel for the entire team. This tracker template is then used to track vacations/holidays and planned leaves of the team members.

Till now, she used a simple Gantt chart in Excel but wanted something better with more functionalities.

So, I created this Excel Leave Tracker Template to make leaves management easy and track monthly and annual leaves by her team members.

Excel Leave Tracker Template

This Excel Leave Tracker template can be used to record and monitor employee leaves for a year (of a financial year where you can choose the starting month of the year).

You can use different leave codes for employee vacation tracking, sick leave tracking, casual leave tracking, and half days.

It also provides a monthly and yearly total of different types of leaves that help in project planning and leave management.

It uses a bit of conditional formatting, a few DATE functions, array formulas, and a simple VBA code.

Download the Excel Leave Tracker TemplateDownload File

Looking for the Google Sheets version of this Leave Tracker Template? Click here!

How this Excel Leave Tracker Template Works?

  • This Excel Template can be used to track leaves over a year. You can select a start month and can track leaves for a year. For example, if you follow the April-March cycle, select April 2016 as the starting month.
    • Note: The value in cell A1 is to change the time period of the leave tracker ONLY. DO NOT use Cell A1 it to move to the next month while recording leaves. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to do this (as explained below). Excel Leave Tracker Template - Change Month
  • Use the scroll bar at the bottom to change months (the template updates itself to show the dates for the selected month). There is a short VBA code that runs in the background whenever you change the month. It shows you only the selected month and hides all the other months.

Excel Leave Tracker 2017 - Change Months Scroll Bar

  • You can select the working days and non-working days (Weekends). At the right of the leave tracker, there is functionality to specify the working days by selecting Yes from the drop down. If you select No, that day is marked as a non-working day in the leave tracker.
    • As soon as you specify the non-working days, those weekdays get highlighted in gray color in the leave tracker.

Excel Leave Tracker Template - Select Working Days and Weekends

  • You can update the holiday list in the worksheet named “Holiday List”. It will automatically be reflected in the tracker by highlighting those days in Orange color.

Excel Attendance Tracker Template - Holiday List

  • To enter the leave record for employees, use the relevant codes based on the leave type (you can customize these leave codes). For example, in case of sick leave, use S, in case of Vacation, use V, as so on.
    • If you want to mark a day as half day, enter the leave code H. For all other leave codes, a full day leave is counted.

Leave Codes You can use in the Leave tracker template in Excel

  • As soon as you enter the leave code for any employee, it gets highlighted in red (in the case of half day, it gets highlighted in yellow). If that day is a weekend or holiday, the color would not change.
    • Column NJ (highlighted in green in the pic below) has the number of leaves of that employee in that month. It counts the leaves on working days only (those on weekends and/or holidays are not counted). Half day leaves are counted as 0.5.
    • UPDATED: Column NK (highlighted in light red in the pic below) has the number of annual leaves taken by an employee. It counts the leaves on working days only (those on weekends and/or holidays are not counted). Half day leaves are counted as 0.5.Leave planner in Excel - Free Template - number of Leaves Month Year
    • Columns NL tp NP gives the leave break-up by leave code (for the entire year). This could be helpful to keep a track of the type of leave that has been availed. Note that while Half Leaves are counted as .5 leaves in the total count, in the leave break-up, it is counted as whole numbers. For example, 2 half leaves would lead to 1 leave count, but you’ll see two half leaves in the leave breakup.Leave Tracker Template in Excel - Leave Breakup by Type

I have created this attendance tracker template for 10 employees. If you want to add more, just copy paste the formatting and formulas for additional rows.

Also, since there is a VBA code involved, make sure you always save it with .xls or .xlsm extension.

Download the Leave Tracker TemplateDownload File

Note: To update this template for any year, simply change the year value in cell A2. For example, to make it for 2017, just change the value in A2 to 2017. Also, you need to update the holiday list for the specified year.

The download file is completely unlocked so you can customize it to your needs.

Here is another version of the template that can track leaves for 50 employees.

Want to learn how to create awesome templates and dashboards? Check out the Excel Dashboard Course.

Is this leave/vacation tracker helpful? Are there any other areas where you think an Excel template could be helpful? I am hungry for ideas and you are my gold mine. Do share your thoughts in the comments section 🙂

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  • Rose

    The leave tracker is one of the awesome-st thing i have seen! congratulations to the winners!

    • Thanks Rose.. Glad you liked it 🙂

      • Rodolfo Valdes R

        Hi Submit, Will you be releasing a 2016 version soon?

        • Hello Rodolfo.. I have updated the template for 2016. You can download it now

          • George

            Thanks for this template, I have a question. How would list the counts for vacation days and sick days separate instead of having just the total of all days?

          • Ashesh Jain

            Hi Sumit, i need to change the standard year to Jan-December year. Can you guide on how to do it?

          • Kathryn Kitchener-Pope

            I am also experiencing this issue – is there a fix?

          • Fam

            Did you receive a recommendation for correction?

          • Megan Estes

            Same problem here. Everything drags over into the other months. If I mark April 3rd as a V for Vacation day then the 3rd of every month becomes a vacation day for that employee. If I delete one, they all delete.

          • Hello Megan.. I believe you are using the value in cell A1 to change the month. Cell A1 need to be set only once, and then use the scroll bar to change the month.

          • Hello Fam..To change the month, use the scroll bar and not the value in cell A1.

          • Fam

            Thank you so much for the reply! I was unclear with my question. I actually have two. 1). I have added additional “leave codes”. Some of these additional “leave codes” I would like to have counted as 0.5, however, they are all being counted as 1.0. How do I change that?
            2). How can I view multiple months at a time? I need to see 6 months in advance all at once for schedule comparison. I can unhide the columns, however, I then lose the dates at the top.
            This is masterful! Thank you for the creation, as once I have it completely tweaked, it will make tracking so easy!!!

          • Ashish Bhatt

            You will need to add or amend the formula to do so

          • erzon

            is it also possible to link the A1 value to scrollbar? for easy access

          • A1 is not to be used to change the months. For that you need to use scroll bar. A1 is to be used to specify the calendar year. SO if you want the year from April-march, then you would have 4 in cell A1.

          • ABC

            The scroll bar is not user friendly as it changes at random. Also is there an easier way to view a single person’s vacation details?

          • Hello Ashesh.. To change the month, use the scroll bar and not the value in cell A1.

          • Ashish Bhatt

            I am also facing this problem. Did u get a solution to this?

          • edith

            same here, is there any solution for this case?

          • Onita Fernandes

            Is there a possibility to add the holidays too during vacation?

      • Prabhath MP

        Thanks so much for this wonderful template! 🙂

        • Thanks for commenting Prabhath.. Glad you found this useful 🙂

      • mitra

        Hello Sumit, Thanks for your template it is great , can you please help
        me how to add additional column for ID and position in template 2017 I
        could not use the template you added additional column in version

        • Deepika Lohani

          Hi… did you by any chance find the way to add employee ID. Please share if you’ve got the solution

      • Je

        Hi, I’m trying to download the leave tracker, it just shows up downloaded like a zip file and when I open zip file, no spreadsheet. Not sure what I am doin wrong. Is it possible for the spreadsheet tracker to emailed to me

      • JJ Ung

        how to set working day for specific employee,because they non working day is not the same..hope u will help me

  • gehad hamed

    Could you please change the weekend days to be Friday and Saturday ?

    • Thanks for commenting.. It can be done by tweaking the weekday() formula, where the second argument is 2. You can change it to 1 and it will work.

      • gehad hamed

        i try t but the dates became amended for 1 day !!

        • Hello Gehad..I have updates the template. Now you can select the weekends

  • Mehar

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    • Congratulations Mehar 🙂 Thanks for making this blog awesome!

  • Mark

    Super Stuff! Love the leave tracker.. This is so much better than what I use.. Thank You!

    • Thanks for commenting Mark.. Glad you liked it 🙂

  • Vabs

    Congrats to all winners!

  • Andrew

    I changed the condition for highlighting the days for the leave code – I first defined the list of codes as ‘LeaveCodes’ and then changed the condition to – =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(B8,LeaveCodes,1,FALSE)),FALSE,TRUE), this makes it easier to extend the table of leave codes as you only then need to ensure the name matches the longer list. It could also be used to apply ‘Data Validation’ to all the dates. It is also something that can be used to track other type of calendar events – a lot of work must have gone into this, well done.

    • Thanks for commenting Andrew.. Great idea to create a named range for leave codes. It would make customizing it much easier 🙂

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Andrew. Killing myself here trying to follow your comment so I can
      also extend the leave codes. Any chance you could email me a sample
      file? I’d really appreciate it.

    • Chelsea

      Sorry. I am at

    • nisch

      Hi Andrew, I’m trying to follow your comment as I would like to extend the leave codes but I seem to be lost. Can you please email me the worksheet that you have? My email is Thanks!

    • hazel

      am trying to add the additional leave type for 0.5 value , can you help me please

      • Suzette Marino

        I’m trying to do the same, did you get a response for this?

  • Raja

    Thanks Sumit, nice.

    • Thanks for commenting Raja.. Glad you liked it 🙂

  • yogirajoo

    Congrats to all winners !
    Leave tracker is awesome and very useful !! – Yogirajoo

    • Thanks for commenting Yogirajoo.. Glad you liked the leave tracker 🙂

  • April

    The leave tracker came in time that i require. And its a great program. Thank you. Are you able to add in the balance after deducting the nos. of leaves taken. I am more concern to track the balance of vacation leaves.

    • Thanks for commenting April.. To get the total number of leaves, use the formula in cell NK8 (and drag for all employees) =COUNTA($B8:$NI8)

      To get the leave balance, subtract this leave count from the total number of leaves. Hope this helps

      • Charlie Kurzawski

        Sumit, this is an amazing spreadsheet. Similar to April, I need to track the balance of vacation leaves throughout the course of the calendar year. I cannot find a formula in cell NK8 that you reference above. I just downloaded the leave tracker this morning, so maybe it was an earlier version that contained a formula in NK8?

        Further, in order to track total vacation days taken for the entire year, how would I adjust the # of leaves formula?

      • Ashraf Halai

        Hi Sumit,Its wonderful & excellent tool. After searching many templates on website I found this useful. A question how can i amend count formula in cell NK8 to exclude holidays & weekends.(I know it can be manually done but not entering any value in this column, just curious to know it there is any formula)

      • Ra

        This is really helpful. However, when I added that formula, it treated “h” as full days, giving me a total count of 4 instead of 3.5. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

  • Ammar Kh

    Hi Sumit, Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge. One comment here, i tried to put a non-valid vacation Letter (like R for example). and it counted it as a day off in # of leaves column.

    • Hi Ammar.. Thanks for commenting.. I left it that way as I was not sure if people would want to add their own codes (or randomly key in anything just to mark a leave). But you have a valid point, and we can improve it by highlighting any cell that has something in it. Thanks for bringing this to my notice 🙂

  • Andrew Luanda

    Amazing piece of work! I want to extend the no of workers but I I fail how to remove the horizontal scroll bar in row 18, please some idea!

    • Binaya Karmacharya

      Right click on the HSB and drag down in this way you can add more Rows in between. Hope Sumit don’t mind, very good stuff well done Sumit 🙂

      • Thanks Binaya.. glad you liked it 🙂

      • elmir

        Hi,how can move month scroll down?

  • dd

    but there is no validation, suppose if five people apply on a same day then how we tackle. There should be validation where more than 3 or 4 people can not mark their leaves. a message box will prompt to select another day..

  • Mohammad

    thank you for the leave template. 1 question, is there a way to change the weekends?

    • Thanks for commenting..You can change the weekend by tweaking the Weekday formula in this template. More about weekday formula here –

      • Mohammad

        Thank you, I tried to figure out how but honestly I’m total noob in excel formulas. Your template is really really awesome! but can you please upload a version where the weekend is Friday and Saturday? it would be very much appreciated.

        • Hello Mohammad.. I have updated the template and now you can select the weekends.

          • Andrew Berigan

            Hi, Would there be a version which would allow me to upload to google sheets as I need something like this on the cloud

  • Theresa Mascarenhas

    this is the Bestest excel i have used till date. its so helpful. thank you!!!

  • Jason Farrell

    Hi, Would it be possible to edit this so standard year is 01/04 to 31/03?

  • sayem ahmed

    How will i get balance of Annual Leave casual leave and sick leave separately

  • KJ Sridhar

    Ur work is awesome. Additionally, I would like to do more with your template…

    • Thanks for commenting.. Glad you like the work here 🙂

  • pradeep P

    Amazing. I have asked my team implement with immediate effect. Summary for whole year (employee wise & Type of leave in the columns) would be great

    • Thanks for commenting Pradeep. I am glad you find this template useful. I will soon update it with a summary

      • Aymen

        Hi did you get any chance to update it with the summary, i am so relief looking at this template and what to implement it in my company

  • Stan Paul

    Great product. I would like to add more employees say 20 total and move the slider for the months down. How can i do this?

  • Sirikorn Phanthabut

    Hi Sumit, this is a really great tool! It’s a thousand times better than my super basic Excel. Thank you so much for sharing it. However I would like to add more columns “Role” and “Team” next to “[Employee] Name” but can’t work out how to do that. Please help.. 🙁

  • Dilshad Hussain

    Nice one, Sumit.

    Thanks for this.

    I have one request, how can I add # of Leaves for a complete year

    • Hello Dilshad.. I have updated the tracker and now you can have the total number of leaves for the complete year. Kindly download the template again from the link in the tutorial

  • Asha Niña

    Hi, great share. Is there a way where I could have an additional code to sum the total number of lets say “Sick Leave” for Employee 1 and etc?

    • Asha Niña

      in addition, how do we adjust the weekdays? Since we have working days from Monday till Saturday. So the only day off is on a Sunday

      • Hello Asha.. I have updated the template. Now you can select what days are working and which ones are not

  • Digital Marine

    This was really helpful!! Thankyou!:)

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting.. Glad you liked the template 🙂

  • Anjali Jha

    Could you please change the weekend days to be Sunday?

    • Hello Anjali.. I have updated the leave tracker template. Now you can select the weekends

  • Its a fabulous software. Friends #Leave Monitor is also providing the same kind of software. Experience it really you will like it also. Click here:

  • Marvin

    how do you edit the weekends days? here in the middle east, we usually have fridays & saturdays as weekends.. thanks.

    • Hello Marvin. I have updated the Template. Now you can select weekends from the list. You can download the updated template from the tutorial above

  • Vi Reak Sweetpain

    can i change the weekend? cuz i still work on saturday

    • I have updated the Template. Now you can select weekends from the list. You can download the updated template from the tutorial above

  • PacoDiaz

    Eres un Maestro. Agradezco tu tiempo y el que compartas tus trabajos.
    Por favor,¿cómo pudiera generar desde Septiembre de 2015 a Agosto de 2016?
    Lo intente de varias maneras pero me sale error, Gracias!!!

  • Nicole Lavery

    I love this tracker and would like to use it however, although I can get by in excel I’m by no means an expert. I need this to run from April to March but although I can change the months easily enough, the days don’t correspond though. Does anyone know how to adjust this?

  • Siddharth Mehta

    Thanks a lot Sumit for this wonderful tool. !! Need your help with one customisation though. My team has members from different countries and their holiday calendars vary accordingly. Can I insert additional holiday sheets and with different colour codes? Your guidance will be much appreciated.

  • Stephanie Rodriguez

    This is amazing – I am trying to edit it so that I can use it for 2016 – 2017 – I already have the holiday for both years applicable to the company. Any pointers to do this?

  • Sarvanmani S

    hi sumit
    i watched ur videos found interesting
    the stuff like this im being waiting let me check out
    all tutorials are really short and effective

  • Sarvanmani S

    u made an excel template for time and matrix one, the entry in one excel automatically refelcted in time matrix page. i do have special requirements regarding that sort or type can make it

  • K.D.Nelson

    How can we have half day leave recorded in the templet?

    • I have updated the Template. Now you can enter Half Day leave by typing the code H. It will be counted as 0.5

      • Zyra

        hi sumit! where is the formula for 1 day leave? i would like to remove 0.5

  • Rakesh Kv


    How to move the scroll bar to next cell.. has employee are more than count 10

    • Thanks for commenting Rakesh.. To get the scroll bar down, right click on it and then drag it down. To add more employees, simply add employees and copy the formatting and formula. I did it for you here (can have up to 40 employees) –

      • Zyra

        Hi Sumit! i would like to use this template for 100 employees where all days are working days… I also want to insert more columns where I can put the employees position, hire date, etc. Hope you could help me. Thank you so much.

  • Deepak

    I am not in the winner list 🙁

  • Sharmila Srinivasan

    I just discovered the leave tracker and it is great. planning ot use it for 2016. i need to do a bit of edit though. Appreciate your help. I need the value in NK8 to be updated every month. that is reduce the leaves taken

  • Alan

    2016 Version Release soon?

    • Hey Alan.. Just Enter 2016 in cell A2 and you will have it. You would have to add the holidays for 2016 though.

  • Sandy

    This is amazing – do you have a 2016 version too?

    • Thanks for commenting Sandy. If you change the value in cell A2 to 2016, it will become the leave tracker for 2016. You will need to update the holidays for 2016 though.

      • Sandy

        You legend – thank you!

      • sunny sandhu

        how about if I need to add half day and sick leave and don’t want that to be counted in the last tab , what should I do to solve that issue . there is one more cant add any other column or row coz it shift everything , any help .

  • Rod

    Your Excel worksheet is great, but I need help on also including the weekends as part of the # of leaves total. How can I add the weekend as part of the total # of leaves?

    • Hello Rod.. I have updated the template so you can select what days are working days and which ones are not. Kindly download using the link in the tutorial above.

  • Desmond

    Hi, do you know how to clear contents whenever you change the year? For instance January 2015 -December 2015 cell values will be remove when you plan your schedule for January 2016 -December 2016

    • Hello Desmond.. The easiest way would be to download this again and change the year. You can also do this manually by going to each month and deleting all the records,

  • Luke

    Within my office, many of the employees have different start and end dates for their contracts (which roll-over 6 months at a time). Using this template, is there a way to calculate the number of days of annual leave they have taken only within their current contracted 6 months.
    For example: For Person 1 – I would need to know how many days they had taken between January 28th and June 28th. But for someone else this might be March 28th – September 28th.
    I understand I could calculate this by editing the formula =COUNTA($B8:$NI8), but I would have to allocate these for each employee. Is there a way to change the formula so that I could input Start & End dates for each persons contract somewhere else, and the COUNT formula would then use the information in these cells to count within the appropriate range of dates?

    From here I have no problem calculating remaining days. It’s just calculating individual contracts that is causing issues.

    • Luke

      Sorry! Also is it possible to add an option for a ‘half day’ of annual leave, rather than a full one.

      • Hello Luke.. I have updated the template and now you can add half day leaves

  • Amrita Damania

    hi sumit,
    the leave tracker is great, however i would like to gray out fri and sat as the weekends as these are the weekends in UAE.
    how can you help me with this ?

    • Hello Amrita.. I have updated the Template. Now you can select weekends from the list. You can download the updated template from the tutorial above

  • Riccardo Urbanet

    Your Excel file is gorgeous. Only one thing is missing, could you give me a hint on how to sum all the leave DAY of the year ? we have 20 days each years, would be nice to undestand how many days are left month by month in a column near the day for each month

    • Hello Riccardo.. I have updated the template and now you can get the total number of leaves as well. Kindly download the template again using the link in the tutorial.

  • Balvin S

    Hi Sumit. How can I capture if an employee takes half day leave?

    • I have updated the Template. now you can record half day leaves as well

  • Brian Wamatu

    Great Leave Tracker… Quick question — how can I add 2016 in the same calendar?

    • Hello Brian.. I have updated the tracker for 2016. You can download it from the tutorial above

  • Rachel Johnson

    Hi, love this, is there a way to track the sick days annually? The way our company works employees get 3 per fiscal year. Also, this may be a stretch, is there a way once the employee reaches their three days that their row can be filled in a certain color? Thank you!

    • Lerum Walders

      Is there a way to lock the worksheet? When I lock the Worksheet the Scroll Bar stops working!

  • Lerum Walders

    Is there a way to lock the worksheet but keep the scroll bar functionality? When I protect the sheet the scroll bar no longer works! I have Unlocked the scroll bar, as well as, the Cell A3. After I protect the sheet and try to use the scroll bar the debug note comes up.

  • P Dasgupta

    Hi Sumit

  • P Dasgupta

    Hi Sumit,

    Thanks a ton for sharing the excel sheet. It has helped me in sorting out the employee leave details to a great extent.
    Just one request: Can you please share the formula to include weekends (Saturday and Sunday) under “# of Leaves” column. In my company, we don’t have a weekend system in place and rather have weekly offs for employees.
    Looking forward to a favorable response from your end.

    • Hello.. I have updated the template and now you can select the what days are working and what are not. Kindly download the template from the link in the tutorial.

  • Robert Fernandez

    Hi Sumit.
    How can I make some of the leave types not countable? Or is there a way to get totals of each type of leave in a separate column? rather then counting all the leave together?

    • Darren

      It will be good and useful if Sumit can do this

      • hello Darren.. I have updated the template and now you can get the total number of leaves taken so far (along with the monthly leaves). Hope this helps

  • Kelli

    This is great! I am trying to modify it to calculate the amount of PTO a given employee has remaining, as well as to count the number of days off that the employee takes without pay. Any suggestions??

    • Hello Kelli.. I have updated the template and now you can get the total number of leaves as well. Kindly download the template again using the link in the tutorial.

      • Kelli

        Great! Thank you very much! this template is excellent!

  • Kiran Hamid

    Amazing! So helpful

    • Thanks for commenting Kiran.. Glad you liked it 🙂

  • Kacey Bowman

    Sumit, I really like the lay out and ease of use of the spreadsheet, the only component that I am missing is the ability to see the yearly total of vacation days used and be able to subtract it from each employees yearly vacation accrual. This would then allow me to see what vacation total for the year has been used and what is remaining. Just curious if there is a way I can add these functions. If you have any tips on how it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Kacey.. I have updated the template and now you can get the total number of leaves as well. Kindly download the template again using the link in the tutorial.

  • Jennifer Warkentin

    Couple of questions. Will the sheet keep a running total the time taken off for every employee (For example, so you can see in May how much time was taken?) If I revert the sheet to a google doc with the formulas transfer?

    • Maria Lira Enriquez

      Hi Please! How can I include Half day Vacation and Half Day Sick leave?

      • Hello Maria.. You can record half leaves by using the code H. Half day leaves are highlighted in yellow, while full day leaves are highlighted in red.

    • Hello Jennifer.. It keeps a track of all the leaves taken in the entire year for all the employees. So if you mark the leaves for May, it will show the total for May. If you then mark the leaves for June, it will show the total for June, however, if you go back to May, it will have the leaves for May as well.

      I haven’t checked this on Google Doc, but I feel this wont work in Google Docs.

  • Maria Lira Enriquez

    Hi! Will it be possible to track the no. of SL and VL separately minus from SL and VL credits for a year?

  • Justin

    Hi Sumit, when I tried making amendments to formula such as changing “=SUMPRODUCT((OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)””)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NN$6,0.5,1)*(OFFSET($A$4,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31))))” to “=SUMPRODUCT((OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)””)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NN$5,0.5,1)*(OFFSET($A$4,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31))))”
    The $NN$5 causes the formual to display #Value . Urgently need help

  • suma

    Hi, can you please help me creating a dashboard sheet where we can get total leaves of each employee

    • Suma

      Hi Sumit,
      Can you please help me in creating a dashboard where I can get total leaves of each employee. Please do need full help.

      • Hello Suma.. I have updated the template and now you can get the total number of leaves as well. Kindly download the template again using the link in the tutorial.

  • rachel levak

    hi! how do i add a column to the right of “employee” to say something like “title” or “time zone” without messing up the entire formula?

  • Al Ballard

    Love this leave tracker but having some issues. When I scroll to Feb, March, etc… all the calendar dates disappear. January is beautifully labeled 01, 02, 03, etc… However, when I choose a different month there is no data in row 5. There is a formula but the cells in row 5 are blank.

    • Thanks for commenting Al.. Since this workbook contain a macro, you need to enable the macros in it. When you open the workbook, you would see a yellow button that says -‘enable content’. Once you click on it, the tracker should work. I just checked it on my system and seems to be working fine.

  • Chelle

    Hi, wondering if there is a way to change the position of the scroll bar, after adding more employees?

  • Siew TPV

    In the formula mention to Sheet 3 but there is no Sheet 3 or i was missing while i downloading, pls explain, it is very helpful for me


    • Glad you are find this helpful.. Sheet 3 is hidden. You can make it visible by right clicking on any of the tabs and selecting unhide. It will show a box with Sheet 3 in it. Select it and click on OK

      • Siew TPV

        Hi Mr. Sumit
        Thanks for the sheet 3 purpose but i have 3 more Questions
        – What if i’d like to adjust date of the month start from 21.Dec.2015 to 20.Jan.2016 (For 1 month)
        – Change Leave code
        – Add Holiday

        is it able to adjust?

        Thank you 🙂

        • – Changing month start and end date would be difficult.
          – You can change the leave codes in cells NN2 to NN6. The tracker, however can track any code you enter in it.
          – You can easily add holidays in the table in the holidays tab.

  • Dale Wicks

    How could I put actual hours in here and have it add them up also I tried to add a column B for the employee id and it skews the January date to start with 2. I found where to change it to hide from C in the Macro.

  • Jamie

    Great spreadsheet Sumit. Is there an easy way to use this sheet to track days my employees are late, be great to have that total in a separate total Column?

    • Hello Jamie. You can use this formula in cell NK (and drag for all the remaining cells). =COUNTIF(B8:NI8,”L”)

      Now when you enter ‘L’ (for Late) in any of the cells, it will be counted.

  • reenu sharma

    hi sumit. leave tracker updated is really great and helpful . please let me know how to add column before emp name .. i want to add emp id column however while doing so the whole sheet gets messed .. Please help

  • Kelli

    Hello All,

    Our employees work one week in the whole, so I don’t record the PTO used until the week after it has been used. When I opened up the sheet today, the only dates in January showing were from the 11th (today’s date) through the end of the month). Is there a way for the entire sheet to show for the entire month and thereafter??

    • Hello Kelli.. The template shows the dates for the entire month. You can use the scrollbar to change the months.

  • June

    the issue I have with the half day is that it doesn’t seem to allow the user to input they type of leave that is being utilized…..just records that a half day of “leave” was taken. also, I would like to see a summary of each employees’ type of leave that has been used as opposed to the sum of all leave for example, 3 days sick, 1.5 days vacation, 2 days compensatory.

  • Naveen N

    hi when the same sheet is uploaded for spreadsheet the scrol bar and months are not visible any help on this matter

    • Hello Naveen.. What do you mean when you say “uploaded for spreadsheet”?

  • S Farha Anwar

    Hi Sumit. I would like to add the employee ID and department before the name but when i do so the formula eliminates the first 2 days of the month. Please help 🙂

  • Danny

    Hi There, Is there any chance I could change this from April 2016 – March 2017 as that is when our next leave year runs! Thanks!

  • Astroud

    Hi, thanks for an awesome tool. Would it be at all possible to add a table where each employee’s types of leave are shown as a sub-total then also show a total? It will give an overview of all the leave taken.

    • Hello Astroud.. I have updated the template so now you can get total leaves for the entire year as well. Kindly download the template again from the link in the article.

      • Astroud

        Hi Sumit, thank you for that, much appreciated.

  • Meredith

    Hi, when I use the slidebar to change the months, the dates are only showing for the first month January, not any other months- what am I doing wrong please- there is a pop up message about macros disabled, how to I enable them, I am a novice sorry.

  • Meredith

    oh, I figured it out myself, its how you save it. clever me!

  • Liz

    Hello Sumit, l like the planner but here in Nigeria our holidays are different from yours so how do l cancel the holidays that we in Nigeria don’t have and also change the orange colour on those days so it can reflect as normal days?

    • Hello Liz, you can change the holidays in the Holidays tab.. There is a table with dates. Just change it the ones that you follow. The tracker would automatically show the orange color for only the ones that you have specified as holidays

  • Yaz

    Thanks for the Employee Leave Tracker Template – Can it be customised to include more leave variation like Working from Home but not calculate those days in the # of leaves column

  • Jet PinoyGooner

    Hi Sumit,

    How can I have the total Leaves for the entire year?



    • Hello Jet.. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.. I have updated the template so now you can get total leaves for the entire year as well. Kindly download the template again from the link in the article.

  • Jet PinoyGooner

    and by the way this is just awesome!!!!! You save me heaps of time

    • Glad it’s making a difference 🙂

      • Jet PinoyGooner

        You are just awesome! Thanks mate!

  • Lynnae

    This is awesome, thanks! Is there a way to ‘select working days’ for each employee? Also, is there a way to change the “leave code” highlight color from red to a different color for each? I’d like to color code the leave days. Thanks again!!

    • Hello Lynnae.. It wouldn’t be possible to have different working days for different employees.. You can however, change the color codes by changing the conditional formatting setting

      • Nix

        Sumit could you please explain how? I’ve added a leave code and want to assign a colour to it but can’t and every leave code is coming up red. Your spreadsheet is amazing btw.

  • Liz

    Hello Sumit, thanks for leave tracker, l have figured out how to change the holidays to the ones we observe but still wish l can get the leaves taken calculate totally as the months go by rather than the monthly calculations we already have

    • Hello Liz.. I have updated the template and now you can get total leaves as well (availed so far in all the months). Kindly download the template again

  • Chido Okafor

    Hello. Does this allow one input the total number of leave days allowable and also track the number of leave days outstanding for an employee?

    • Hello Chido.. I have updated the template so now it will also show the leaves availed in the entire year. This would be helpful in knowing how many leaves can still be availed by each employee

      • Chido Okafor

        Thanks so much. This is so nice.

        If you could include 2 more columns to show “Allowable Leave Days” and “Leave days balance”, it would be great.

      • Chido Okafor

        Thanks Sumit.
        Kindly make provisions for total leave days allowable as well and leave days balance if its possible.

  • Liz

    Hi Sumit, l have downloaded the template again and it still calculates how many days taken per month, it still does not summarize the whole days being taken as the months go by.

  • Liz

    For instance, an employee takes two days in January and five days in February, l don’t get to see the total seven days when am on February, l only see the 5day in february and when l go to January l see the 2day.

  • Liz

    Hello Sumit, can’t tell you how grateful l am, l have downloaded it through the link and l have gotten what l wanted. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Dawn

    I would like to amend the sumproduct formula in NJ to exclude a all leave codes except annual leave and half days so they do not get counted. All other leave is recorded but does not need to be counted. I have tried to get to grips with this formula, but am finding it difficult. Also if I click on any cell in NJ, click in the formula bar and hit enter, it comes up with #value! even though I have made no changes. Can you please break your formula down so I can try to amend it. I have never used sumproduct before.

    • Dawn

      I had a Eureka moment. I changed the “” to =$nn$3 and it has worked. However, if I needed to include other leave types, I would not know how to accomplish that.

      • Hello Dawn.. there are five types of leave codes already.. if you need to have more, simply use any alphabet code. As soon as you enter any code, it will be counted as one.

  • Carolyn

    How could you change this to be a jul 1 – jun 30 fiscal year?

    • Hello Carolyn.. As of now I have created it for Jan-Dec.. Will soon create one for custom periods and share here with you

  • Maggie Wilson

    I really like this tracker, any ideas on how I would go about setting up an automated system for personal and sick time accrual so i dont have to go in each month and do it manually?

  • Krutika

    Hi Sumit, I have a few specific changes that I am trying to make to the sheet. Would it be possible for me to send this to you over email so that i can explain it well. I can then post a summary on the comments section for everyone else.

    • Hello Krutika.. You can send me via email and I’ll try my best to help

  • Mar

    Is it possible to have the total separately? like annual paid leave is separated from sick leave on the calculation?

    • Hello Mar, if you don’t want the total count to include sick leaves, it would be best to highlight sick leaves with a background color, but not insert any alphabet code in it. That way the total leave count wouldn’t have the sick leave count in it.

    • Sumit Bansal

      Hello Mar.. One easy way to do this would be to highlight sick leaves with a background color, but not enter any code in the cell. That ways, it wouldn’t be counted in the total

  • Lori

    The leave tracker is the closest I’ve seen to what I am looking for. I am trying to create an employee time tracker spreadsheet that will record working hours, calculate overtime hours based on a 40 hour work week, sick time, and vacation time. I want this spreadsheet by pay period with the ability to record a portion of day vacation/sick and portion of day working. This is where I am running into difficulty. Ideally this spreadsheet would provide a pay period summary for each employee for the following; hours worked, vacation hours taken, sick hours, and overtime hours, as well as a yearly summary for managers showing total sick time taken/remaining, vacation time taken/remaining, etc.

  • Sabastian

    Wow! fantastic.Thank you for this template .Can you create an Excel sheet whereby sheet one is able to update other sheets in the same work book .If so please let us get in touch through skype

    • Hello Sebastian.. It can be done but by interlinking cells across sheets. Kindly let me know what you are looking for, and I’ll try my best to guide you

  • Malsha Jayamaha

    Hi Sumit, this template really helped me. I need a small change would you be able to show the leaves separately.

    • Hello Malsha.. I have updated the tracker and now you can get the leave break-up by leave type. You can download the updated tracker from the link in the tutorial.

      • Malsha Jayamaha

        Thanks a bunch 🙂

      • Malsha Jayamaha

        Thanks a bunch 🙂

      • Malsha Jayamaha

        Thanks a bunch 🙂

  • Liz

    Hello Sumit, how have you been? Have a thing or two l would like you to help me out with. In my company, we do not take out sick leave from a staff leave schedule. would like to know how l can use the (S) sick leave with out it being deducted from the staff leave

    • Sumit Bansal

      Hello Liz.. I’ve been good.. Nice to see you again. For marking sick leave but not counting it, a better way would be to simply highlight the cell with a background color, but not enter anything in it. That way it will be marked and wouldn’t be counted in the total leave count.

    • Hello Liz.. An easy way would be highlight the sick days (using fill cell), but not enter any leave code. That way, it will not count it in total leave count

  • Elizabeth Gomes

    hi.. loved it…….. want to know if there is a way to get total of the codes at month end.. like total number of sick days…. or V days…

    • Hello Elizabeth.. I have updated the tracker and now you can get the leave break-up by leave type. You can download the updated tracker from the link in the tutorial.

  • faye

    hi, could you help me with this the same format yet the month will be Jul to dec only and it be starting on column 2

    this is a great help.

    • Hello faye.. I have updated the tracker and now you can select the starting month (for example July 2016-June 2017). You can download the new tracker from the link in the tutorial.

  • rgran

    Hi, Would it be possible to edit this so standard year is 01/04 to 31/03?

    • I have updated the tracker and now you can select the starting month (for example Apr 2016-Mar 2017). You can download the new tracker from the link in the tutorial.

  • Jewels

    Is there a way to account for Lieu days? I am trying to insert a formula but it is counting as a day away.

    • Hello Jewels.. Currently there is no way to account for lieu days. You can have the Lieu days in a separate cell for each employee and add it to the total leave count if you want

      • Jewels

        Thank-you very much Sumit, I love the tracker. It is extremely user friendly.

  • Kris Wiszowaty

    This tracker is impressive, I can see a lot of use in the future. I do have a little request for you.
    Is there some way to easily change the totals at the end of the row to equal hours instead of days?
    Sick Leave = 8 hours
    Vacation = 8 hours
    Half Day = 4 hours
    (or if someone happens to leave for an appointment)
    Appointment = 2 hours
    and in the final column have a calculation that would take those hours and give a total amount of days?

    • Hello Kris.. You can achieve that by multiplying the leave count with the number of working hours in a day. For example, if the total leaves for a month is 2, then hours could be 2*8 (considering an eight hour work day)

      • Karina

        Hello Sumit, First of all, your tracker is amazing. I have been trying to modify the formula by multiplying the leave count by 8 and I keep getting an error message. Any suggestions

  • Ramya

    Hi Sumit This is Great Thank you. 🙂

    • Ramya

      Having started to use it, I have a suggestion for you.
      It would be nice if the working days changes as per employee as I manage a company with staff working on different days. Wondering if that is a possible tweak?

      • Sumit Bansal

        Hello Ramya.. If you have different employees working on different days, You can create different versions of this tracker. To have it all in the same tracker will complicate it a lot.

      • Thanks for commenting Ramya.. Glad you liked it.
        If you have different employees working on different days, You can create different versions of this tracker. To have it all in the same tracker might complicate it a lot.

  • Heather

    Hi, great tracker although I am a little confused – when i put in a day off / vacation / sick leave etc. and I change the month it then has it on every single month not just the one I placed it in!? Help would be great!

    • Hello Heather.. Kindly use the scroll bar to change the month value. I believe you are changing the value in A1.

  • Wondimagegn Leta

    This is very wonderful. My question is about the maximum number of leaves allowed.

  • Sahar Ashraf

    For some reason, every time I enter a day in april it reflects on all the other days. How can I change that? For example I put a V day in april, and when I went to the next month it showed up on that as well.

    • Hello Sahar.. To change the month in the leave tracker, you need to use the scroll bar. Don’t use the value in cell A1 to change months (it’s just to specify the time period for the leave tracker)

  • Morni Sarif

    Is there a way to create more than one half days, say for sick leave or casual leave

  • Sharon Hoo

    I am so happy that I found this template and downloaded it immediately. But, when I marked “C” casual leave for one of the employees on a date, let say 10th of February. All other months are marked with C on the 10th! I am very confused here, please help!

    • Heather

      That’s what happened with mine! I am hoping I will get a response soon as it is a really helpful template other than that small glitch!

      • Hello Heather.. To change the month in the leave tracker, you need to use the scroll bar. Don’t use the value in cell A1 to change months (it’s just to specify the time period for the leave tracker)

    • Hello Sharon.. To change the month in the leave tracker, you need to use the scroll bar. Don’t use the value in cell A1 to change months (it’s just to specify the time period for the leave tracker)

      • Sharon Hoo

        The control bar is not going to the next month, hard to control. Is there a way to make it more responsive? And, sometimes the entire spreadsheet was highlighted and hang there. Hoping for your help soon.

        • Hey Sharon.. A lot also depends on the computers configuration. Scroll Bar tend to just keep scrolling if you are using a machine is less memory. It seems to work fine a multiple machines I tried

  • Kathryn Kitchener-Pope

    When I change the month ont he column A1 after finishing the tracker for a month. The holidays do not wipe out, if I delete them then the entire thing becomes zero. Is there a fix?

  • Kathryn Kitchener-Pope

    After finishing the tracker for a month, when I change the month in column A1 the holidays do not wipe out. If I delete them, then the entire spreadsheet becomes zero. Is there a fix?

    • Hello Kathryn.. To change the month, use the scroll bar at the bottom. As you click on the scroll bar, the months would change and the leave record would remain intact.

      • Kathryn Kitchener-Pope

        The holiday cells are staying highlighted no matter what the month is. I’ve saved the doc as a xlms – but it’s still not working properly 🙁

        • If you don’t want the holidays to get highlighted, you can remove these by deleting the holidays data from the Holidays Tab.

  • mahe

    Thanks for good tracker!

    When leaves are updated for Feb month ie 25 Feb, same leave codes are copied for other months as well which duplicates the work and same case for previous months ie Feb 2016 data is reflecting in Jan 2016.

    • Hello Mahe.. Just want to make sure you are using the scroll bar to change the month (and not the month value in cell A1).

      • mahe

        Yes, I was changing the month value….thanks will scroll to change the month…whether I can display the scroll bar vertically?

        Also in holiday list whether I can name it as public holiday and optional holiday for each month with color code to view in main.sheet?

        • You can make the scroll bar vertical. Hold the Control key and left click on the scroll bar. You will see an outline on the scrollbar. Then you can resize and make it vertical.

          As of now, there is no way to classify holidays in the tracker

  • kewiliko shikonda

    does the tracker only track fr one year i want to save the leaves for one year nd continue wth the nxt year is it possibble

    • Hello.. The tracker is made for 1 year for now. If you want to make it for multiple years, you can have create multiple copied for different years.

      • kewiliko shikonda

        thank you

      • Sharon Brooks

        Is it possible to do this within the same workbook?

  • Abeer

    Thank you for this goog job. Seems there is an error in the sheet as when I enter the vacations for example in January then I move to Feb to enter another vacations, The vaction which I entered in Jan coming to Fenruary automatically! Can you please find whats the problem?

    • Hello Abeer,, I believe you are changing the month value in cell A1. Instead, use the scroll bar to change the month.

  • Nilaksha Silva

    Thanks Sumith, it realy works

  • Neha Chetal

    wonderful template.Please assist me with one issue.suppose i sel;ected Jan Month and entered the leave in the columns of the respective employees.and when i scroll for the next month i.e feb and try to add the leaves for the month,the leave balance for the Jan month is affected.whatever changes i try to make it happens for previous month too

    • Hello Neha.. When you use the scroll bar and change the month, column NJ shows leaves only for the selected month. So if you have 2 leaves in January, and you use the scroll bar to come to february, column NJ would show leaves of Feb only. However, Colunm NK tracks all the leaves in that year.

  • Henry Ngure

    why is it that when i select a day in one month it gets selected in all other months?

    • Hello Henry.. I believe you are using the value in cell A1 to change the month. Instead use the scroll bar at the bottom.

  • Administrator UMCS office

    This is such a awesome tool! I tried to follow the thread below as I am trying enter additional leave codes for half days for vacation, sick and personal. Any idea on how I can accmplish this?

    • Hello.. As of now I have made this for five leave codes. If you want to use more leave codes for full day leaves, you can simply enter the code in the leave tracker and it will count it as a leave. It would however not highlight it. As of now, you can only use h/H for half day leave.

      • Administrator UMCS office

        I understand but I was trying to get the half days to apply to the appropriate leave breakup, hence SH, VH, etc. Where is the tutorial I can download an updated version from?

        • You can download the updated version from the tutorial above. There is no video tutorial on this, just the template

  • Mahe

    When protecting the sheet …scrollbar doesn’t work and also I have not locked or protected the cell link to scrollbar….pls help on this..

    • mahe

      Hi Sumit,
      Awaiting your response…pls help on query.

      • You need to make sure the cells that are dependent on the scroll bar are not protected. Simply protecting the entire sheet wont work

  • pratheesh rajan

    Hello Sumit, First, I would like to say that the leave tracker which you have made is superb and very easy to use!

    I’m trying to customized base on requirement, and trying to use the same sheet as a shift tracker.
    As part of this I need your support:
    1) I’ve to put the log-in time of each employees when they are present. So, in column NJ (Leaves This Months) & in NK (Leaves This Year) should pull the total no. of days and ignore the cell were the log-in time is mentioned
    .currently if we put the login time then it is getting added as leaves.
    2) I’ve added three more column, which in NU, NV & NW this column will count the no. days he/she had login in particular region so that in end of the month it will be easy to calculate the shift allowance. for eg. if a person log-in at 12:15 3 days, then column NU (UK Login i.e 11:15 am to 8:30 PM) will show as 3 days.
    It will be really helpful if you can help me in putting the formula to get the desire results,

  • Jaro

    Hello Sumit, really nice work! one comment. If I want add different holiday (for two countries) with different color to be displayed it is possible?

    • Hello Jaro, you can do that. First you need to have the list of holidays somewhere in the workbook. A similar table as the one in the holidays tab. Then you need to add a conditional formatting formula to all the cells in the leave tracker.

      • Jaro

        Thanks for reply Sumit. In conditional formatting I can see “HolidayListNamedRange” and worksheet with bank holiday are called Holiday
        What exactly in code mean “HolidayListNamedRange” ?

        I want add couple holiday workseets (holiday_US, holiday_UK..) For all of new add new formatting with different colors.

        but where define different worksheets name?

  • Tony Heir

    When I make an entry in one month why does those entries show up when I change months.

    • Hello Tony.. You need to use the scroll bar to change the month. I believe you are using cell A1 as of now.

  • Tony Heir

    Please advise how I can add further UK holidays to the table.

    • You can add holidays in the table in the holidays tab

  • Mahe

    Still no response from you,,.Sumit……When protecting the sheet …scrollbar doesn’t work and also I have not locked or protected the cell link to scrollbar….pls help on this..

    • Please see my response in your comment above.

  • Gordana Nikolic

    awesome template!

  • Gordana Nikolic

    Question: when I add employees, the months scroll bar remains in the same place. How to move the scroll bar down, or how to properly insert additional employees?

    • Hello Gordana, Hold the Control key and left click on the scorll bar. Now you’ll be able to move it.

  • Vivian Lobo

    Thanks for the amazing template Sumit. I saw that you have added an additional column and helped with the template, but it is very difficult to add extra columns I think. If there was some instructions to add columns to the template, it would make it so much easier. As, I wanted to add 3 columns before the Name column and adding them spoils the date formula. However, I appreciate your efforts in this and thank you for sharing the template. Please do consider making the adding of columns a little easier.

  • Janine Starey

    Hi Sumit, One question when I add for example a vacation day for one employee let’s say January 2nd 2016 and I go on the top to select february or any month of the following year 2016 you can see the V from vacation on the 2nd of each months 2016. This happens only when I choose the month in cell A1 but when I scroll the moths it doesn’t happend how can I fix this?

    • Hello Janine.. To change the months in a specified interval, only use the scroll bar. Cell A1 is to be used only when you want to change the year (let’s say from Jan- Dec to Apr-Mar). Once you have the desired year range, scroll bar should be used to go to next/previous months

  • Janine Starey

    Hello, When I add a vacation day let’s say January 10th 2016 and then I want to change the month on the upper A1 case the vacation day (january 10th) appears on february 10th, march 10th and so on. How can I have the vacation day ony highlighted on january and not o the rest of the months? becasue it work when I change the month on the scrolling bar but not on the A1 (select month) case. thank you

  • Vivian Lobo

    Do need to add additional columns (need 3 before Name) without breaking the dates please.

    • Vivian Lobo

      Managed to add the additional columns, using the dropbox link below in the comments.

      • Hey Vivian.. Glad it worked.. I just saw your comments, but I guess you managed it before I could jump in 🙂

      • Siraj Ali Khan

        Hi Vivian !
        Could you please help me with how to add more columns before Name using dropbox as you have already succeeded in the same.


      • Brian Chege

        Hi Vivian…..please help on the addition of more columns.

  • Krupa Adatia

    Hi this is such a good and user friendly template. Thank you for creating it. Only problem I am having is when I book a holiday off for an employee, it comes up in the future years too. I only want it for that one year. How do we do that?

    • Hello Krupa.. This tracker is made for one year only. If you want to have multiple years, you can create copies of it

  • Dinesh

    Hi Suimt, Thanks for the great tool, Is if possible for you to add Work From Home option and highlight with different color and give the total counts separately for the whole year.

    • Hello Dinesh, as of now there is a provision for five types of leaves (sick, vacation, maternity, casual, and half leaves). You can change any of these with the leave code you want. For example, if you want W for work from home, replace the S with W in NL5 and NS2

      • Dinesh

        Hello Sumit..I added additional column for Work from home this year(W) however i dont want work from home to be counted on Leaves this month and Leaves this year.could you please give me the formula for that.

        • If you want to highlight Work from home but don’t want to count it, a quick fix is to highlight the cell by filling it with a background color. That way’s it will be marked but not counted

  • Austin

    Thank you Sumit, loved this tracker… it is very much user friendly. Since am very new to excel formulas, can we edit this sheet?
    What we are looking for is like need to add something in the leave description section, Half Day (forenoon and afternoon) and also add some shift codes to use this leave tracker and as a shift tracker as well like (Morning(M), After noon(A) and Night (N). Really appreciate your help in this

    • Hello Austin.. The leave tracker only tracks the Half leave using the code H, but you can add comments if you like. However, you’ll need to stick to H as the leave code for half day

      • Austin

        Thank you for the quick reply Sumit, as asked in earlier question can I add some codes for the shift as Morning(M), After noon(A) and Night (N) and these should not count as leave. Currently the formula is set like if hit any character, it counts as one day leave.

        • Hey Austin.. You can highlight the cells by filling it with a background color. That would not make it count as a leave and you can still make out the shift based on a color code.

          • Austin

            Thanks a lot Sumit, that was a quick fix!!!

  • Andre

    There is a bug in the month selection. A1 and A3 are both being used to determine the month, but they change independently. For example, if I scroll forward to March, A1 will stay static. If I then select the third month using A1, I am taken to June instead of March.

    • Hello Andre.. The month number is cell A1 is to give the user the flexibility to change the lave year. For example, to have the year as Jan-Dec, make A1 value 1, for Apr-Mar, make it 4. . Once you have set leave year, you need to use the scroll bar only to go to next/previous month.

  • Tony Heir

    Hi I am still having problem with this excel work sheet when I put in
    the V under dates and then switch to next month why am I seeing the V
    for previous month, please help.

    • Dinesh

      Hi Tony, You have to use the left and right arrows on the scroll bar to move to the next month or the previous month.

      The month number is cell A1 is to give the user the flexibility to
      change the lave year. For example, to have the year as Jan-Dec, make A1
      value 1, for Apr-Mar, make it 4. . Once you have set leave year, you
      need to use the scroll bar only to go to next/previous month.

  • Hims KL

    Hi Sumit..can you help me to do this excel spreadsheet
    in google excel? my company is using google excel.. Please assist thanks.

    • Hello.. I am afraid I won’t be able to replicate it in Google Spreadsheets. While the formulas are almost the same in Excel and Google Sheets, VBA is exclusive to Excel.

  • Jade

    Hi Sumit, the leave tracker is so awesome!. Could you please help me on counting the leave breakup every month beside the yearly summary?

    • Hello Jade.. Glad you liked the tracker. If you want monthly breakup (instead of yearly), use the following formula in cell NL8 and copy paste in all the cell (NL8:NP17)


  • Darren

    Hi Submit,

    • Darren

      Is it possible to have have multiple leave types that are half day-0.5. For instance,i would like to include Sick-S as half day leave as well.

  • GIM

    Thank you for the perfect leave tracker! I do have a question however. If i wanted to include a column next to “leaves this year” titled “vacation days taken”. How would I code that? Essential i want that total to include only vacation, half flex day and full flex day(i included the last one). Also, what formula would I use if I wanted to log only a half sick day taken?

  • Fam

    How do you create additional leave codes for full and half days?

  • Edith Asamani

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s sooooooooooooooooooooo helpful. God bless you.

  • Sangeeta Rawat

    Thanks a lot Sumit.. A great help.. 🙂 easy and helpful..

  • Leah Brenton

    Hello, This excel template has the potential to be absolutely fantastic – thank you very much!

    I am just stuck on one thing though. I need to enter retroactive leave for the years of 2014 and 2015 to accurately check leave balances for staff in the present. I added in all of the relevant Holidays for 2014/2015/2016 into the [Holidays] worksheet.
    I then changed the value in A2 to read ‘2014’. I then scrolled through the months and entered in the leave. However, when I change the A2 value to read ‘2015’ and then I scroll through the months to add leave for 2015, the leave I added for 2014 is still associated to those days.
    Is there a way I can add in leave days for multiple years without it affecting each year’s data?

  • Win Jiang

    Thank you for your sharing! But i experienced one issue regarding entry leave code. The leave code wont change when i want to key another month. For example, employee one took annual leave on first April so i typed A on first April. However, the A will exist on first May when i change to another month. Do you have any advice about this? Appreciate if you can give me the solution. Thank.

  • Debbie Rowe

    Hi Sumit, I think your template is excellent. I have some questions about some of the formulas, though, as I am far from an expert. I have been able to add extra holiday types, etc, but am struggling with the part where a sick day is added to the number of leave days per month and year. I have added a holiday entitlement column, also, which then works out how much leave is still available. However, I am struggling to workout for leave which taken in hours rather than a full day. Do you have any advice, please? Thanks, Deb

  • Natalya

    Hello Sumit!

    I have downloaded the template, thank you very much for allowing free access to it, very helpful.

    However, when I try to move the scroll bar to change the month, it shows the Runtime error 1004 : application defined or object defined error. Why could it be so and can I do something to fix it? Thank you in advance!

  • Mohamed Youssef Sarhan

    Hi Sumit, Wonderful progress !
    I rebuild the leave tracker to learn but when it comes to the macro code it’s not working.

    B12: where the month number appears using a scroll bar

    H:NO is the year days columns range

    SCHEDULE.Range(Columns(Range(“B12”).Value * 37 – 35), Columns(Range(“B12”).Value * 37 + 1)).Hidden = False
    End Sub

    I’m trying to change the equation numbers but it’s not working .. Don’t hide columns or the correct ones .. can you give a hand !?

    Appreciate your help !

    • Dinarte Quirino

      I can you help and let me know I change the years I need to add january 2017 and foward

  • francis mormor

    Hi Summit, that’s one of the best tracker i have seen so far, CONGRATS. but plss if i want to copy the template from one sheet to another in the same workbook, how do i do that please? i tried with some VBA code and it works but the scroll bar was unable to select the months. can you help please. it gives some runtime error

  • Nicole Stagg

    How can I add a quarter day. Any help would be appreciated

  • Wonuola Scott

    The leave tracker is fantastic – many thanks. However, the horizontal scroll doesn’t appear to work very well. When I try to toggle from month to month, it starts off well, then slides to the end by itself, makin git hard to see specific months. Anybody else having this challenge?

  • Irina Rajbhandari

    Hi Sumit,

    Its a great template. Thanks. I need 2 different section with Half Casual and Half Sick leave. I could not formulate the template. Would appreciate it if you could help me. I need four different options : Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Half Sick, Casual Leave,Half Casual. I was not able to add formula to account another half day leave.

    Would be great if you could help.


  • Tonnie Gathogo

    the leave tracker is great but i have an issue with this sheet.When you use S code or M Code or any other code for instant, on 15 of April was a sick leave the sheet records in all other months same date as sick leave instead on each month to be blank for you to input your records

  • Jess

    Hi – I have 2 additional codes like half day which need to be 0.5 and then once it had added them up in total leaves this month and total leaves this year I need it to add 0.5 into these columns and not add 1 like it currently is. Can you help please.

  • Vishnu

    Hey Sumit! Thank for this amazing template. Is it possible to tweak this template to count weekends when it comes to vacation?

  • Liz

    Dear Sumit, It’s been a while, How are you? Please i would like to know if i can i use this leave tracker template to track other hr functions? If yes, please how do i go about it?

  • Siraj Ali Khan

    Hello Sir, could you please assist me with how to modify the Half Day calculation from 0.5 Day to 1 Day

  • Siraj Ali Khan

    Hello Sir, could you please assist me with how to modify the Half Day calculation from 0.5 Day to 1 Day

  • Chavi Asdhir

    Please add another column for department besides employee name (Sales, Marketing etc) and allow us to Filter by department or show by all department. It will be very useful. appreciate in advance.

  • Chavi Asdhir

    I locked A1 and A3 Cells and made it invisible so you cannot change. Now I use tracker to move between the months and it works so much better. Vacations are not copied to the other months. I could not post the new tweaked spreadsheet here unfortunately. Please help us add the department besides the employee name and then it would work like a charm. If anybody need my tweaked spreadsheet please send me an email.

  • Barbara

    can the half days be converted to hours?

  • Julia

    Hi, it seems problem when I edit the file and when I move the scroll bar, it show the table of mistake and say that “mircrosoft visual basic, run-time error”1004″, application defined or object defined error”” I have tried to download the file again to PC and again the same problem happened? How can I fix it? please help.

  • Charlotte

    Hi Sumit! I’m having an issue with my template, when ever I highlight a cell in March 2016 as a Half Day (H) for example, it duplicates it in the other years (March 2015), and when we erase the duplicate, the original cell highlight disappears as well. Not sure how to fix this, any ideas?

  • Rahul Ferns

    Hi Sumit. Awesome work with the tracker. You have a breakup for the year, can you please advise how can I break up the leaves taken per month the same way. Secondly, how can I assign a different colour for different leave types?

    • Matt

      Changing the colors is super simple (I literally just did that to mine 5 mins ago). Go to Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules. Notice the rule for the Red and Yellow (those are the ones to pay attention to).For yellow (for example) it is only the half day. It looks at B8(don’t put $ in this piece) and compares that (or whatever date cell you are on) to $NT$6 (use the $ here) which is the code ‘H’ for half day listed in the small area on the top right of the worksheet listing codes. You can add more codes like this. Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules > ‘+’ > Style = ‘Classic’, Next drop down menu = ‘Use formula to determine which cells to format’. formula would look like ‘=B8=$NT$2. Custom Format – whatever color(s)/Fill(s) you want. Click OK. Change ‘Applies to’ to “‘Leave Tracker’!$B$8:$NI$25” which is the entire calendar piece. Make sure you then edit the current “Red” formula to remove the $NT$2 code in that formula (“=OR(B8=$NT$2, B8=$NT$3, etc). If you have one color for each code, you will remove that entire formula and just have one that looks like “=B8=$NT$x” for each code. Hope this isn’t too confusing.

  • Matt

    I LOVE this tracker so much. So adaptable to my needs. Thanks for making it and thanks for having it unlocked and open. I have discovered one small bug that I cannot figure out how to fix. I changed the start month to June to coincide with our fiscal year (using the dropdown menu in A1) and the the year to 2015 so it goes June 2015-May 2016. It does not account for the leap year in February of this year. But when I have it set to the calendar year of 2016 (Jan-Dec) the leap year is there. I have been able to simply type “29” in the box where it should be and everything seems to work fine, but was wondering if that is causing any unseen issues that I haven’t noticed. Thanks again for such an amazing workbook template! Amazing!

  • Matt

    I LOVE this tracker so much. So adaptable to my needs. Thanks for making it and thanks for having it unlocked and open. I have discovered one small bug that I cannot figure out how to fix. I changed the start month to June to coincide with our fiscal year (using the dropdown menu in A1) and the the year to 2015 so it goes June 2015-May 2016. It does not account for the leap year in February of this year. But when I have it set to the calendar year of 2016 (Jan-Dec) the leap year is there. I have been able to simply type “29” in the box where it should be and everything seems to work fine, but was wondering if that is causing any unseen issues that I haven’t noticed. Thanks again for such an amazing workbook template! Amazing!

  • Matt

    Another random bug I just discovered. I added a new column after Column A to allow for First Name and Last Name Columns of employees. This new column removes the first day of the first month in the calendar. Everything else seems to be fine (I did adjust the slider macro format control to leave that column from moving but that seems to be unrelated). All other cells, formulas, and conditional formatting adjust when I insert that new column except for January 1 or June 1 or whatever the first month is set at. Any ideas?

    • Matt

      (Did I mention how much a truly LOVE this workbook! Amazing job and thank you so much for making it and sharing it! Has REALLY helped my job)

  • Canadian Girl!

    In addition to days taken, some employees take a couple of hours here and there and I would like to be able to track those hours. How can I change it to show hours taken as well?

  • Dinarte Quirino

    the tracker is amazing you did a great job!!!! I was wondereong if how can i change the years , I plan holidays following the uk financial year (from april to april) and need to ad 2017 months!!! will be possible show me how this can be done!!

  • rose mn

    Dear Sumit,
    I already key in in excel attendance but when i key in january why in february leave symbol still there

  • Ahmed

    Dear Sumit,
    its a great work,
    but how can i add another columns, it change the date ?

  • Gwendolyn

    Hello 🙂 There is a little problem in the excel sheet. If i take sick leave on 2 Jan 2016, the same leave will appear in 2 Jan 2017 🙁 But anyway thanks for this excel sheet! It’s great!

  • Gwen

    This is a great template! However there is a little glitch such that if i take leave on 1 Jan 2016, the same leave would appear every year for 1 Jan, please help 🙂

  • Jeffrey

    Hi Sumit Bansal… i would like to modify your tracker but i have hard time understanding it.. hehehe

  • AA

    Hi, Is there any way to amend the formula so sick days and maternity days do not calculate as leave but can be recorded?

  • Dominique Zelaya

    This was excellent! Thank you. Is there a way to change the colors of the time off. Sick day have own color, vacation own color etc?

  • Deepa

    Hi, This is so close to what I am looking for and tweaked it to add more number of employees. My organization has comp offs that I would like to capture too but they need to be counted as 0 (similar to H being counted as 0.5). How do I tweak to accomodate this.

  • Suraj Khairavkar

    Sumit I love the excel leave tracker. But i need some changes in it so would u plese healp me for the same.
    I want to change the colours of the Assigned leave for example consider as vacation(V) should be in dark green insted of red. And i also need the working days to split according from employee to employees as if now if we select the working days it applys to all employees so it should be split working days.Also its should show persent of absent days. Please help.
    Thanks once again.

  • Dinarta Abreu

    Hi there, I have been looking for something like this for a very long time!! thank you” will the excel sheet still work if the employee holiday year starts at different months? they do not all start on the same month.

  • vasanth nair

    Hi Sumit, Thank you for this excellent tool. But I have a tricky situation. I have added two more codes W(Work from home) and F(Comp Off). I dont want these to add up to the leaves for the month or the year. However I just need a count of the number of Work from Home and the Comp offs availed separatly for audit purposes. Can you help me here? Thanks in advance- Vasanth

  • Natalie

    Hello, is it possible to get 2 half leaves? Example – if Maternity leave is not needed can we replace by VAC Half day and still keep the other Half day as Personal Half day? I tried to copy the formula but it just links both cells. Thank you!

  • paraice89

    Hi Sumit, thank you for the awesome template. Just a qns, I would like to add in AM / PM half day leave into the templates so the sheet will reflect either a half day leave taken during the AM session of the day or half day leave taken in the afternoon session of the day.

    Can you guide me thru how to edit the formulas in the excel sheet? Thanks alot in advance for your reply !

  • Nikita Agrawal

    hi how do i change the year cycle from april 2016 to march 2017.?

  • Nikita Agrawal

    i want to add more employees in the sheet, but the scroll bar at the bottom to change the month does not move down, hence hindering my view of additional employees. how do i move the scroll bar further down the page?

  • Manigandan Visvanathan

    Hi sir in my company alternate saturday is OFF. How is possible to change that with your template

  • Karthick Nathan

    hi all how to mark present

  • Ahvi

    Hi Mr. Sumit,
    How can I remove half and causal day without damaging the formal in total leave for the month and year?

    • Ahvi

      Also, sir, is there a way that if i type “x” into the calendar then it wont count it towards a leave? (all of my employees have a different off days, therefore I am putting an “x” for there off days. The formula thinks it’s a leave).

  • Imran Sheikh

    super like bansal

  • Imran Sheikh

    i want to join your class if you offer any classes plz let me know e-mail

  • Lukas

    Is there a way to lounch filtering mode in the “Name” heading, I would like to filter just one employee at a time. Great template by the way.

  • laaiqah

    Hi Sumit! So far you have assisted us with a most impressive and useful excel leave sheet and I have been searching for one for months now! Thank you for this!
    I have managed to figured out how to move the scroll bar in the sheet. Unfortunatley on a few occasions it has completely messed up my leave sheet wtih the error message “run time error message 1004” and I have had to start from scratch…..I have no idea how to fix it.
    Please can you assist me by;
    Inserting colums with NAME/SURNAME/ SITE/ EMPLOYEE #/START DATE
    Vacation leave – after each month have the vacation balance (this will make it easier to see what vacation leave balance they have at that month (however still leave the total vacation days as you have it too)
    Is there a way to have a column with a leave amount that the staffmember has like at end June 2016 Mr x has 8days owing to him and so continue is this manner?



    I also tried to update the calendar with our Holidays and it give me the run time error also.

    Friday 1 January 2016 – New Years Day
    Mon 21 March 2016 – Human Rights Day
    Friday 25 March 2016 – Good Friday
    Monday 28 March 2016 – Family Day
    Wed 27 April 2016 – Freedom Day
    Sunday 1 May 2016 – Workers Day
    Monday 2 May 2016 – “Public Holiday”
    Thursday 16 June 2016 – Youth Day
    Tuesday 9 August 2016 – National Women’s Day
    Sat 24 September 2016 – Heritage Day
    Friday 16 December 2016 – Day of Reconciliation
    Sunday 25 December 2016 – Christmas Day
    Monday 26 December 2016 – Day Of Goodwill
    (if you add all these dates in, then I can just update it next year without any problem)

    Your assistance is much appreciated!!!!!

    • Hello, adding columns to the tracker will mess with the formulas. If you need to add columns, I suggest you do it to the right of the tracker area. You can mark casual leaves by simply coloring the cell and not entering anything in it. Also, to change the holidays, simply delete the data in the holidays tab and add the days you want to show up as holidays. Make sure you don’t delete the rows, only the data.

  • Shilpa Patil

    Hi Sumit.
    The leave tracker is not working for me.
    I have to maintain leave record of about 100 employees
    As I had one column the other column will hide automatically and also the scroll bar will remain in middle of the page

    • Hello Shilpa.. To get the scroll bar down, right click on it and then drag it down. Also, when you insert a column, you need to make sure the formulas are intact. You can however, easily add more employees by adding more rows and copy paste the formulas and formatting.

      • Shilpa Patil

        Thank You

  • Aaron

    Is there a way to set the Year to run from June to May instead of Calendar year

    • Russ Ince

      Hi Aaron. I’ve just done this. Just put June and the year in the boxes on the top left and it calculates 12 months from there.

  • laaiqah

    Hello Summit! Please can you reply to my email….please please…

  • Karan

    Hi, I also wanted to calculate shrinkage of the month for a team and also set a shrinkage limit. How do i do that?
    Please explain.

  • Adam Wishart

    For some reason the days seem to be out by 1 (Jan 1st is showing as a Saturday when in fact is was a Friday – at least for me in the UK). How would I go about changing this?

    • Adam Wishart

      This only seems to be an issue when opening in Google Sheets (Dates are fine when opening in excel). The whole document however is not setup to work in Google Sheets.

      • Sumit Bansal

        Hello Adam.. This won’t work in Google Sheet since this uses VBA as well

      • Hello Adam.. This won’t work in Google Sheet since this uses VBA as well. Also, for me it’s showing Friday on Jan 1.

    • Sumit Bansal

      Hello Adam.. For me it’s showing Friday on Jan 1.

  • Russ Ince

    Hi Sumit. Love this especially as you can start the year anywhere. Great for us whose holiday year doesn’t run from Jan to Dec. One thing..Feb 29th doesn’t seem to show up for 2016

    • Sumit Bansal

      Hey Russ.. Glad you liked the template. I just tried and 29 Feb is showing in the template when 2016 is selected.

    • Hey Russ.. Glad you liked the template. I just tried and 29 Feb is showing in the template when 2016 is selected.

  • Liza.gomez

    Hello Sumit, great template!!! it is very useful! One question, I try to add a column to have the balance (deducting from the number of vacations they have for the year but the formula didn´t work. Could you help me with it?

    • Sumit Bansal

      Hello Liza… Try this formula: =Total Leaves-SUM(NL8:NO8)-0.5*NP8 (in cell NQ8 and copy for all the cells in NQ column).

      In the formula, replace ‘Total Leaves’ with the number of total leaves in your company.

    • Hello Liza… Try this formula: =Total Leaves-SUM(NL8:NO8)-0.5*NP8 (in cell NQ8 and copy for all the cells in NQ column).

      In the formula, replace ‘Total Leaves’ with the number of total leaves in your company.

  • nina

    HI Sumit, i want to use this for 100 employees, but i can not move the scroll bar down to add rows

    • Sumit Bansal

      To get the scroll bar down, right click on it and then drag it down. To add more employees, simply add employees and copy the formatting and formula.

    • To get the scroll bar down, right click on it and then drag it down. To add more employees, simply add employees and copy the formatting and formula.

  • Greenhorn

    Hi Submit, it is great to work with your template and my compliments for this tool! Only if I try to change the holiday list, as I am from Europe, I doesn’t succeed to change it. For instance, we don’t have the holiday 4th July. When I update the holiday list, it remains in the tracker. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hey.. Since the holiday are in an excel table, you need to make sure you delete and replace the dates (and not delete the rows as that will delete the table as well)

  • Stephanie Thomas

    I LOVE this leave tracker and have tried to manipulate this form to track the services but can only enter 1 “letter” in a daily box.

    Do you have any type of excel form whereas you can still track the services each day but are able to add 2 or 3 codes in one box and it tallys it at the end based upon each client’s needs??

    For example, each client is given 100 units for Behavorial Health for either a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period. As I enter the services daily, it will deduct from the available units till the next authorization period.


  • Morni Sarif

    Hi Sumit, I have been using the awesome leave tracker and I find it very useful. I’m having problem with the scroll bar. When I scroll, it didn’t go to the month I wanted, instead it scroll to the end. Is there a way to adjust the scrolling?

    • Hello Morni.. This happens as the file is a bit heavy. Here is the workaround. Click on the edge of the scroll bar and then remove the cursor from it. It will stop

    • Hello Morni.. This happens as the file is a bit heavy. Here is the workaround. Click on the edge of the scroll bar and then remove the cursor from it. It will stop

  • Muhd Buk

    Hi, i’m planning to do up a firefighter leave tracker. I need to tweak the excel sheet but i’m clueless. Can i get your email to discuss with you?

    • Stephanie Thomas

      Yes indeed. My email is

      • Stephanie Thomas

        Muhud you would need to speak directly with Sumit as I’m not familiar with the chart to that extent. I believe you posted under my question and I thought it was Sumit needing more information for my specific chart needs. Sorry!

  • Sheik

    Hi,when i update as S”Sick leave” for the month Jan 4th Example of employee 1,when i change the month to febrauary also, the 4th date Sickleave will remain same in the sheet,request you to do the needful.thanks

    • Hello.. You need to use the scroll bar to change the month and not the value in cell A1

  • siva vinoth

    how to change the colour in leave code there are only showing RED colour
    any know body know please let me know please

    • You can use conditional formatting to change the color

      • siva vinoth

        Please let me know clearly

      • siva vinoth

        Please let me know clearly

  • Fransisca Emeline

    Hi Sumit,
    how to add in-lieu leave, my team sometimes work during weekend or holiday… Thanks

  • Jamie

    Hi Sumit, thanking you kindly for making your hard work available for everyone to use!

    I need some assistance regarding protecting the sheet. I need my employees to have access to view the planner but no edit permissions. I have tried many avenues however I’m unable to make the scrollbar the only accessible function. Are you able to assist? Many thanks!!

  • anshms

    Hi this looks superb,
    i would like to have employee wise tabs instead of month wise,
    so one sheet will have annual details for one employee.

    With months on the place of employee names and the heading will be the name of employee.
    Please hep

  • anshms

    HI Sumit,
    Please help me with tab-wise employee sheet instead of month-wise view,
    This will help to see annual details of a single employee on one sheet.
    Can you please upload anything like that?

    • Hello.. The tracker is made to have all employees in a single sheet. Currently I don’t have anything that shows each employee detail in a separate tab

    • Hello.. The tracker is made to have all employees in a single sheet. Currently I don’t have anything that shows each employee detail in a separate tab


    Hi sumit

    Your leave tracker is very nice.thanks.i have modified the leave tracker to include onshore and offshore and hence have created two list in holidays.its working fine except the sum section in column NJ.I am just replacing the holiday list in formula with my one but its not working.its showing 1 only.also i am not able to understand the logic also.can you please help.

  • Casper

    how can i add for the category or kinds of leave , we have halfday for sickleave and halfday for sickleave? how will i add it to the formula. thanks

  • Casper

    how to edit the formula & add some category of leave… I’ve been trying this for 2 days now, but everytime i change the formula even for the row number it shows error.

  • Hi Sumit,
    I am not sure where my last post went but we actually need 3 1/2 day options and to increase the Leave tracker to 6 categories rather than 5. I have managed to add the sixth category but cannot seem to get the other two 1/2 day formulas to work I keep getting #VALUE! error. Please can you help. For the record, our 1/2 day options are Half day holiday (HH), Half day sick (HS) and Half day other (HO).
    Thank you in advance,


    • Vanessa

      Hi Patrick! I am having the same issue as you! I need to change to change one of the leave options to account for a half day holiday! Would be awesome if you could share how you got around this! Thanks!

      • Hi Vanessa, Are you adding an extra row/ column or just amending one of the formulas?

        I had to add to add an extra row so firstly make sure you only move the rows directly below where you insert the formula so that the main spreadsheet is kept in its format. I copied one of the leave codes and then “Inserted Copied Cells” shifting the others down and changed the letters to the Code I wanted i.e. HS
        When you add the extra column, Copy the whole cell range and again insert the copied cells, this will shift the whole lot to the right then again change the code to match the one you want.
        Once you have completed the first two actions, you will then need to amend the formulas in the first cell you want to change, make the relevant changes directly into the cell then before exiting the line use the key combination
        CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER (This is because the formula is an Array formula)
        This will then save the amended formula for you. Once you have done this once, you can copy the cell and paste and this should work fine.
        I hope this helps, let me know if I can help any more, good luck,

        • Vanessa

          Hi Patrick, thanks a bunch for your help. However, I need to change value of C to equal a half day instead of 1 full day. I don’t understand how to change the formula let alone find it. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again for being so kind!

          • Hi Vanessa,

            It is a bit complex but I think I can put something together to show you how to change C to show a 1/2 day. I am training staff today but will try to get an answer to you tomorrow.
            In the meantime, please can you let me know which cell the letter “C” sits in i.e. NP4 etc



          • Hi Vanessa,

            Just wondering if you could let me know which Cell the letter C sits in on your spreadsheet.



          • Vanessa

            Hi Patrick,

            I managed to edit the formula and it worked! Thanks again for your help though!

            Do you happen to know how to create one for 2017? Do we change the dates and holidays manually?


          • Hi Vanessa,

            I am delighted that you have managed to make the changes!!! All you need to do is amend the Year on the spreadsheet to 2017 and it will do the rest for you. What we have done here is to copy the sheet and change the date and save it as 2017.

            I hope this helps best regards,


          • kary4567

            I also need to know how to change the formula to include 6 half day options. I have them changed on the right but they dont figure in as half. I understand the crtl, shift etc but where do I put that in the formula? The formula shows as


            I know I the NS is no longer correct and should be OS but when I add the range it adds them to the total even without any entries being made

          • Hello Kary,

            As you will see I have had to put in a new set of formula for each separate half day that I had to record.


            Before I did this, I had to create the half day holiday reference cells so I added to the existing table pushing the Days of the week table down. (I hope this makes sense where you have “NS$6” I changed mine to “OG$” then the cell number this is because I moved the cells to the right when I created the extra columns to show the half days under the “Annual Leave Breakup” columns (I simply copied the Holiday Column, pasted copied cells, shifting to the right and renamed the column).

            I hope this helps,


          • kary4567

            Yes this does make sense. I’m pretty good at excel but this one was beating me. I could get it to show .5 but then nothing else I entered for that month would add in the monthly total, just the yearly total. Thank you

          • I hope that it is now working, I must admit it took me a few goes…. 🙂

          • Hi Vanessa,

            So sorry for my slow reply. I just copied the spreadsheet then amended the year to 2017 and it did the rest.


  • Lilian

    Is there anyway to know the VBA Code that runs in the back to keep the month changing?

    • Activate the worksheet and press Alt + F11. The only thing that VBA does in this is hide columns when you use the scrollbar

    • Activate the worksheet and press Alt + F11. The only thing that VBA does in this is hide columns when you use the scrollbar

  • Shujat Ali

    Hi, I’ve recently start using this great spreadsheet as it really fulfills all my needs but unfortunately I’m not as good expert of excel as this sheet. So, would like to know few things:

    – How I can customize/add/remove the leave codes
    – How can I update new code on leave break up section

    • Hello Shujat.. The tracker is a bit complicated so to add new codes, you will need to modify the formulas and make sure new codes are part of it. Alternatively, you can create a copy of the tracker and split the codes

    • Hello Shujat.. The tracker is a bit complicated so to add new codes, you will need to modify the formulas and make sure new codes are part of it. Alternatively, you can create a copy of the tracker and split the codes

  • Vian

    Excuse me, how can I remove the Half day cell. I do not want two half day to change to one day leave. How can i Change it , please?

    • You want to remove the half day leave? You can use other codes except H which is for half leave.

  • Vivek Chandra

    Can we use 1 tab for 2016 and 1 for 2017?

  • Vivek Chandra

    Can we use 1 tab for 2016 and 1 for 2017 in the same file with 1 tab for combined holidays?

    • You can create a copy of this tracker and keep in the same workbook.

    • You can create a copy of this tracker and keep in the same workbook.

  • August Ames

    Savvy piece , Apropos , others need a HI DoT BB-1 , my colleagues filled out a blank document here

  • Hi Sumit,

    I have figured out what I was doing wrong! I had the right formula but missed that the formula was an Array Formula so consequently I was getting the #VALUE! when I spotted the { } brackets at the start and end of the formula I did some research which suggested after entering the additional information I use the key combination
    CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER rather than just Enter and it worked!

    Now have the spreadsheet working perfectly with 3 options for half-days and an additional column noting the lateness.


    • Great! Since there are so many variables, array formulas were the way to go. and they need Control + Shift + Enter

  • Lukas

    Thx for this great spreadsheet. Can I ask for a version where You can also add two columns on the right from the employee which would include number of the employee group and current shifht. I need those informations to quickly manage shifts in the company. Those 3 columns wolud have to be visible all the time.
    Pls right me back.

    • Hello Lukas.. You can add new columns to the right of the tracker (column NT onwards). That would keep the tracker intact and also have the columns visible at all time

    • Hello Lukas.. You can add new columns to the right of the tracker (column NT onwards). That would keep the tracker intact and also have the columns visible at all time

  • Vasanthi R

    Any answer on this question pls guide me Some of the additional “leave codes” I would like to have counted as 0.5, however, they are all being counted as 1.0. How do I change that?
    SUMPRODUCT((OFFSET($A10,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)””)*(IF(OFFSET($A10,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$6,0.5,1)*(OFFSET($A$4,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)))) here =$NS$6,0.5,1 similarly i want =$NS$5 also counted to be 0.5 thanks!

  • Vasanthi R

    Hi Sumit ! Thanks for this wonderful tracker, I have slightly tweaked the formulas to add the days present. these efforts wont be counted in no of leaves for the month and year .leaves this month:=SUMPRODUCT((OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)””)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$6,0.5,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$7,0,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$8,0,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$9,0,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$10,0,1)*(OFFSET($A$4,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)))))))) leaves this year:=SUMPRODUCT((OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)””)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)=$NS$6,0.5,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)=$NS$7,0,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)=$NS$8,0,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)=$NS$9,0,1)*(IF(OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)=$NS$10,0,1)*(OFFSET($A$3,0,1,1,372)))))))) paste there use control +shift+enter

  • Azmaria


    Whenever I put a leave in a cell it reflects on the other months. Kindly help advise. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hello.. please use the scroll bar to change months and the value in cell A1

    • Hello.. please use the scroll bar to change months and the value in cell A1

  • Ravi

    Its amazing, thanks for the same. Can you please help assist how can we move the Scroll bar down while adding more employees

    • Ravi

      ahh.. I found the answer in the comments, thanks 🙂

  • Bri

    Hi – This is awesome, thanks! Could you tell me though how to modify the time off values (i.e. maternity leave – i don’t want this to show as days taken, because it doesn’t count towards their vacation, it’s protected time away). So, if I wanted to make mat leave = 0 days taken, how would I do that?

  • Nilam

    hi! Sumit,
    I have just downloaded the leave tracker. It looks really good but I just cant change the months.
    Can you please advise.
    Appreciate your help and great template.

  • Celmore

    Can the templete be altered to enter actual hours used for leave time? For instance, employees have 480 hours of FMLA, family medical leave, in a rolling calendar year. They can use in increments of 15 minutes. Would like to be able to see what they have used and how much is available. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

  • Arikrishnan Ece

    Hi Sumit,

    This is Arikrishnan. So pleasure to get in touch with you. I need a favour from you regarding a Tracker you updated for Attendance (….
    In this Tracker you have made the fields “Leave this Month (Cell NJ)”, “Leaves This Year (Cell NK)” till Cell NQ as constant and only cells allocated for every month changes.

    My requirement is that, I need those aforementioned fields needs to be changed as I would like to use those fields for monthly report. Can you assist me in this !!!!

    • Hello.. Cell NL to NP are not constants. The value changes when you mark a leave for any month. However, these would show you the value for the entire year, and not monthly

  • Ryan

    How can I copy the calender so that the vbn module works on more then one sheet in that workbook?

  • Celmore

    Does anyone know if hours versus codes could be entered? Thanks

  • Shane Owens

    I would like to change the half day value. How do I change it from 0.5 to 1?

  • Alicia Rhodes

    Any way to add vacation accrual based on hire date to calculate time remaining for each employee?

  • Raja dey

    thanks sumit …. its awesome but kindly help me all the month sheet are of same holidays after using scroll bar.also how it is possible to change holidays for a particular month.

  • simaosavait

    hi! amazing sheet thanks a lot! how to count as well over time?
    eg: my staff working on weekends or during national days, i need to count so that i replace their over time by holidays

  • Alokparna Acharya

    We want to maintain 2016 and 2017 in one excel, can you please help us

    • You need to create separate copies (preferably separate workbooks) for this. This leave tracker only covers one year,

  • ExcelNewbee

    i want to add one more code for leaves but don’t want to count it in total leaves of a year.. how i can make changes?

    • In that case, a better way would be to apply a backgroud color to the cell. That way, it will be highlighted but not get counted.

  • Amrit

    Hi, this template is super! However, I’d appreciate if you could help me out with my scenario – I’ve selected the year Jan’16-Dec’16, and updated the leave plans for my team. However, if I now change the A2 as 2017 (in order to plan for 2017 leaves starting Jan), the 2016 highlighted leave plans reflect in 2017 months, and are all messed up. I was expecting the cells to be reset as soon as I select another fiscal year! Is there a fix?


    • Hello Amrit, You can use this planner only for one financial year. In you want to use it for multiple years, you need to create a copy of this, so one for 2016 and a different one for 2017.

      Also, to change months, use the scroll bar and not cell A1.

      • Christo

        Hi, to use this for more than one year, I have moved the holiday list on the year sheet and then made copies of that sheet. I then added another sheet to give me totals for all the years. But to do this you need a little bit about Formula and VBA skills

  • Megan

    Hello, I would like to delete everything but vacation. When I try, I delete all the hard work that you put into this so is there a way I can only track vacation only?

    • Sue Kelly

      Hi Megan. I would suggest, when you type “V” into the cells the person takes their vacation, this will put in “V” for vacation – just ignore all other types of leave and do not use those codes. I need the same and that is what I am doing.

  • Claire

    Hi, looking to add a additional sheet to the tracker called Comp Offs, I work for an AUS client so we take Australian holidays, if I work o the list of AUS holidays im eligible for a Comp Off, how do I add that to the tracker so that after I update the holiday list and it shows as orange in the tracker now if I mark as Present (P) it should showup as a comp off
    Secondly need to track the comp off’s each person is eligible for and if utilized or not
    Please help
    Not forgetting that the tracker is awesome

  • Celmore

    Sumit ..this tracker is really neat. Do you have a suggestion on how to enter actual times instead of using codes? I am needing to enter leave time used in increments as small as 15 minutes up to 12 hours depending on what individual employees use on any given day. I was hoping I could modify this wonderful layout if there was a way..thank you so much

  • Ella

    Hi, thanks for this! however I am having trouble when entering annual leave in January it maps to all the other months. how can i stop this? … thank you

    • Hello Ella.. Please use the scroll bar to change the months. Don’t use cell A1 to do this.

  • Helenwebb


  • Helenwebb

    Hi, This is amazing and just what I’ve been looking for, but when i download, the scroll bar isn’t working, any idea on what may be wrong or how I fix it?

    • Hello.. When you open the workbook, it might prompt yo enable macros. You need to click on that prompt button so that macros can work.

  • Teresa

    How do you print this template?

  • Mirasol Benson

    Hi Sumit. This is amazing. However, there is a slight glitch on the sheet. Data populated on a particular month is also showing on other months. Can you help me with that please?

    • Hello Mirasol.. Please use the scroll bar to change the months. Don’t use cell A1 to do this.

  • Vanessa

    Hi Sumit, I need to change the value of the Casual leave to be 0.5 instead of 1. Another user mentioned he used the array formula. It would be great if you could suggest how I can change this. Loving your spreadsheet 🙂

    • Hello Venessa. Use this formula in cell NJ8 (and copy for all cells): =SUMPRODUCT((OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)””)*(IF(OR(OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$6,OFFSET($A8,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31)=$NS$5),0.5,1)*(OFFSET($A$4,0,31*($A$3-1)+1,1,31))))

      Use this one for NK8 (and copy for all cells): =SUMPRODUCT((OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)””)*(IF(OR(OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)=$NS$6,OFFSET($A8,0,1,1,372)=$NS$5),0.5,1)*(OFFSET($A$3,0,1,1,372))))

      • Erika Mercado

        Hi Sumit, I tried to copy and paste this formula but it’s not working.

        • You will need to use Control + Shift + Enter instead of just Enter.

  • Seyi

    Hi Admin, How can this template be used for over 100 staff of a restaurants business that has many outlets. something . This question is because you have only 10 staff on the template . kindly send a private mail if possible.

  • Renee Parra

    Hi – thank you so much for this leave tracker.. it helped me a lot. However, I have one slight problem. Whenever I place a leave on a specific date for example on March 2016, what happens is its duplicated on all months. For example I placed an Emergency leave for March 15 2016.. all months every 15th has an Emergency leave on it. Please teach me how I can fix it. Thank You. 🙂

    • Hello Renee.. Please use the scroll bar to change months (and not cell A1).

  • Chris

    Hi Sumit, just awesome to track leave. Here by us sick leave must be calculated even over NON working days, the other leave types only on workings days. I can make the complete week a working week, but then my cell shading is gone making it more difficult to enter data. Please tell me where I must change the formula to include NON working days for my SICK leave count. Thanks again, Chris

  • Laura

    I’d love to see this tracker calculate the amount of PTO hours used (and how many hours are remaining) not just the amount of occurrences. Otherwise it’s great!

    • Laura

      Is there any way you can upload a formula for that? I can’t seem to figure it out :o/

  • Black Coffee

    Hi there, I really love this excel. Simple and beauty.
    Then I’m trying to convert this excel to google spreadsheet. So me and my friend could collaborate when using it. By simply do import from excel on G spreadsheet, basic function are working well . And i love it, until I realized, the day the date are not correct. 1st Jan 2016 should be on Friday. In fact it show Sat on google spreadsheet.

    Anyone could help ?
    Many thanks.

    – Alex

    • Hello Alex.. This can be converted into Google Sheets as it uses VBA. I am working on a Google Sheet leave tracker and will share it soon.

  • Mel

    Hi Sumit Am I doing something wrong? When I add any type of leave into a month it copies over into all the subsequent months,

  • Fernando Mellado

    Hello Sumit, first of all great file, im learning a lot with all your posts.

    I have been playing with this file trying to make it show me the weeks per year, and also im trying to make it show me the leaves not only the total of the month but for the week. (first week this many leaves, second week this many…)

    Hope you can help me and once again Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Regards from Mexico!! Amigo.

  • Matthew H.

    Hello Sumit,
    You have the best tracker I have been able to find so far! There are a couple tweaks I have been trying to do specifically for my job and I was wondering if you could assist me? I could email you the changes I have made and what my goals are in each area that I’m having issues with. Thank for your help!

  • Emma

    Hi, i have some staff that work different hours and there leave is calculated in hours rather than days – anyone know how i can work this into the formula? Also i need to add a column next to the employee name, but when i do this the 1st day of the month disappears – can any one help?

    Great piece of work by the way – works really well!

  • Bruktawit Alebachew

    hi sumit i like your template very much but how can i change the calendar i mean i need to use Ethiopian calendar we have 13 months each contains 30 days except the last one which contains 5 days and the year is 2008 can you help me please?

  • Melinda

    Can someone please tell me how you add Bank Holidays into the spreadsheet?

    • emma

      If you look on the second tab on the workbook, the US bank holidays are all listed, just change the date and the description and it automatically updates on the main spreadsheet 🙂

  • Ivy

    Hi Sumit,

    You are god sent! The excel is god’s gift!
    However, i have added 2 more leave codes and how do i color code them using conditional formatting?
    Thanks! Ivy

  • Rodolfo Valdes R

    hi, with the newest version available, how do add more employees? at least 40 for example, but with the version that we can edit the working days and sums up the whole year leaves too.? @sumitbansal23:disqus

  • Chu Chi

    Hello! I would like to ask why every time i am adding columns, the 1-31 dates is changing. when i add one column, the date one number will be removed, and so on. How can i add columns without changing the dates? Please help! Thanks ahead 🙂

  • SraOshiro

    Wow!! It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  • Ivy Lim

    Hi Sumit, how do we change the color for those holidays that fall on a weekend (Sat/ Sun) to the ORANGE highlight.

  • Sue Kelly

    Hi Sumit – great chart. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. You say we can add more employees by copying and pasting additional rows – and that works well. However, I need to print the chart so staff know who is on leave when – we have 150 staff and only a certain number can be off at any time 🙂 When I add more rows, the scroll bar for the months is also printed. I tried moving it – but somehow that interferes with the VBA code and I have no idea how to alter that. Can you assist and/or tell me what I need to do to make this alteration. Generally there would only be 40 staff listed on one chart as I have created a different worksheet for each category of staff. Thanks again.

    • Sue Kelly

      Hi Sumit
      I think I found the answer. I had copied the worksheet so I could have different categories on staff on separate worksheets in the one workbook. That created a bug in the VBA code somehow – which was why I couldn’t move the scroll bar. Is there a way to duplicate the worksheet so I can have four categories of staff on different worksheets in the one workbook? I don’t really want to have to save it as four separate files. Will be a little tedious for the staff inputting the data if I do that?
      The question about the highlighting the cells without the “V” showing in the cell is still relevant if you can answer that as well please. Thanks


  • Garrett – Adams Ltd

    Hi Sumit, Just downloaded the template and am trying to learn to work it. So far it seems like it will make life a lot easier for me. Maybe an extra day or two of vacations for me. On question though, our staff all have different working years and not necessarily 1st Jan to 31st Dec. How would that account for in this system?

  • Garrett – Adams Ltd

    Further to my post below, Sumit, One more question, Sometimes a staff may work on a weekend. Normally this is added back on from the leave days (effectively increasing the eligible leave days by one). How would that be done?

  • Dawn

    Exactly what I was looking for! I want to modify the name of the leave types and have a different color for each one. Is there a simple way to do this?

    • Dawn

      I also would like to modify the names of the leave types?? I am NOT familiar with Excel formulas and would greatly appreciate step by step instructions, especially for changing the colors. Thanks!

  • lauren C

    Hi Sumit, I am trying to scroll through to the next month but it keeps jumping all the way to the last month.. the scroll bar moves automatically even when I click just once on the forward arrow, all the way to the last month. I am using Microsoft Excel 2016.

  • Onita Fernandes

    Hello, Is there a possibility to add the holidays too during vacation?

  • hawk eye

    need to ask how could I make H code for day off full day not half day

  • qasem

    hii.. first thanks for your amazing template.
    when i add a column before the name column. the january shows only 30 days while it should be 31 days. i tried adding an extra column but when i scroll to the february and came back it is again 30 days. what should I do?

  • Phoebe

    Hi, I have 2 questions as below:

    1)0.5day can be sick leave, annual leave or unpaid leave. How can I do to count this particular 0.5day at the respective breakup column as 0.5 instead of counting as 1?

    2)Some employee are 5 working day, some is 6 working day and some is 5.5 day within departments. Can I record altogether in this template?

  • phil192

    Hey Sumit, love the holiday tracker. I created a similar one, also free to download, check it out here

  • pdab09T

    Hi Sumit…

    I downloaded your excellent Leave Tracker and I’ve added some other functionality to it. Great spreadsheet – love the slider changing to the relevant month. I’ve since added 4 sheets to it showing an Individual Calendar (showing all annual absences of all types), a group summary and a Management summary dashboard along with a Master data spreadsheet controlling some new functionality. Couldn’t have done it with your starting sheet though.

    As an idea for a future spreadsheet what about and ‘Issues / Risk Log Tracker’. This should ideally include the following:

    The same log should be able to track Issues or Risks.
    Each record must include
    ‘Unique Reference’ e.g. I-001 or R-001,
    ‘Raised By’ (Creator Name)
    ‘Date Logged’,
    ‘Issue Name’ (or ‘Customer Name’),
    ‘Description of Issue / Risk’ field (free text),
    ‘Current Owner’ (Owner name)
    ‘Priority’ (High, Medium, Low),
    ‘Age’ field (Age of issue in days)
    ‘Last Updated on’ (Date / Time field – flagged and highlighted if not updated in X days),
    ‘Status’ (Open, Closed, On Hold (with a triggered ‘Off Hold’ date),
    an associated ‘Audit’ record and, most importantly… Each record must be able to accommodate multiple Actions with each Action having a Time / Date stamp.

    A Log Dashboard would be useful e.g. X Records over Y days, XX Records over YY days, had XX records open, etc., etc.

    There are lots of Templates out there but all a little basic and importantly they don’t accommodate multiple actions (most Issues / rRsks are resolved with a series of actions which need to be recorded and tracked). The ability to produce a formatted history / report for an individual record would be nice – especially if it can be emailed to the person / persons responsible for the next action.

    What do you think? I developed a spreadsheet that does all the above but it is a little clumsy and probably not that efficient – I’m sure it can be improved on.

  • Nivedita Singh

    Hi Sumit, this is really helpful however when i am trying to add more rows the scroll bar is reflecting in between, i try to hide but it is not working can u help

    • Nivedita Singh


      • To change month, don’t use cell A1. Use Scroll bar only

    • Hello Nivedita.. Right click on the scroll bar and drag it wherever you want it!

  • james

    Thank you for the great template you created.
    I am looking to create a copy of the “leave tracker” sheet, within the same workbook so that I can track year 1, year 2 etc. all in one document rather than creating a new one for each year.
    The only block I can see to this is the VB logic to show the calendar. As soon as I copy the sheet and start moving the scrolling bar the VB crashes to debug. Any idea on how to fix this. I expect it would be changing the VB logic / macro to apply to a sheet rather than workbook but cannot work it out.

  • Mel

    Hi Sumit. The leave planner is fantastic. Quick question though, I need to add in TOIL in half days. I’ve tried copying and pasting the half day formula but it doesn’t work. Please could you tell me how I can add another leave type that counts half days.

  • Stephen

    Hi, thanks for an awesome spreadsheet.

    1. How do I add more leave options – I want to add a leave option for “unpaid leave” and a few others.

  • ritu

    hi how do you add no of employees to the tracker

  • ritu

    do you have tracker for 2017

  • SD.K

    Dear Sir, how to add more types in leave breakup and also to add present column which counts the present number for everymonth or entire year.

  • Denise

    Fantastic spreadsheet, thanks. I need to add more rows for employees but the scroll bar stays in the same place. If I move it it doesn’t work properly. How can I do this?

  • Maj

    Hi Sumit. Excellent work. I really like the excel leave planner. However I have to include weekends as well in the leave breakup columns. Right now it gives the leave count for week days only but if we need to consider weekends as well, then the leave breakup column is not considering the weekends days.

    • In the select working days options, just make all the days as working days (select yes for all)

  • Fran Pate Hampton

    Hi Sumit. I need to add 2 columns to the right of Name and before the first date. but when I do it shifts the days. How can I add a column for Employee ID and DoH?

    • Hello Fran.. while the tracker breaks if you try and insert columns, it would work fine if you have these details in column NT or to the right of it.

  • Erika Mercado

    Hi! May I know how would I be able to change the value of casual leave to 0.5? Thanks!!!

  • justice lover


  • SNI

    how to add coverage: if any one is on leave some one is assigned to cover. How to add name of person covering to cell where type of leave entered

    • The easy way would be to add the name in the same row after the tracker ends.



  • Angie Smart

    Thank you for this wonderful tracker! It is very useful. I would like to track the “Leave this Year” for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 (instead of the calendar year.) Can you please advise how I can do this?

    • Hello Angie.. You can do that by selecting 7 from the drop down in cell A1.

  • Rachna

    Its a very very useful tracker..kudos… however , it doens’t allow for designations, locations, DOJ etc. to be added

    • Hello Rachna.. You can add these additional details at the end of the tracker in the same row. That ways it wouldn’t break the tracker but still allow you to have the details

  • Paul G


    I tried to mark Feb 7, 2016 as VL for 2016, but when I changed the year to 2017, Feb 7, 2017 was automatically VL. Do we have fix to delete the entries for another year if you moved to the next year?

    Also, what if I want to add a “Half Day SL” in the leave breakup? How to do this one?

    • Hello Paul.. This tracker works for one financial year only. So If you want to have one for multiple years, you need to create a copy of the workbook. There is already a Half Day leave in the tracker (use the code H)

  • Jan Wee

    awesome! Thank you Sumit!

    • Thanks for commenting Jan.. Glad you liked it!

  • Jonathan Inch

    This looks great but the month changer scroll bar either moves one month or scrolls all the way to the end of the year?

    • Hey Jonathan.. It happens if you have a slow system or too many applications open. To handle this, click on the tip of the scroll bar and then move away the cursor. Hope this helps!

  • Jenene Richards

    When I save to google drive the scroll bar disappears (all the other functions appear available). How do I create/copy the scroll bar?

    • Hey Jenene.. You can’t save this is Google Sheets as it does not have a scroll bar feature and does not use VBA. I am working on creating a leave tracker in Google Sheets. Will share soon.

  • Ashish Bhatt

    Once we move to next month, then the leaves tracked for previous month are reflecting. This makes it unusable.
    Please help.

    • Use the scroll bar to change months, and not cell A1

  • Ashish Bhatt

    the scroll bar simply skips few months

    • It happens if you have a slow system or too many applications open. To handle this, click on the tip of the scroll bar and then move away the cursor.

      • Ashish Bhatt

        Hey thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

  • Shannon

    This is AMAZING! I can not wait to use this for a portion of our company. Your making me look good Sumit.
    I was wondering, could i get your email or a way to reach out regarding how we do the remaining of our employees to see if you could help. We track our staff (no managers) by hours. IS there anyway to do that with this excel sheet? Really look forward to hearing from you

  • Leslie

    Sumit, you have made my life easier creating this. I love it. I am having difficulty tweaking it just a little, I’d like to know if you can help. I want to add 3 columns after the name column, to enter the employees hire date/accrual time/ days left. I’ve been trying, but all the formulas get mixed up one way or another. I’m still a beginner so I have no idea what I’m doing (clearly).

    • Hello Leslie.. You can insert details about the employees after the tracker ends (from column NQ onward). That ways it will not mess with the formulas and VBA

      • Leslie

        Hi Sumit!
        Thanks so much! It worked perfectly. Really appreciate you sharing 🙂

  • Jan Wee

    Hi Sumit, where can I input a staff’s leave entitlement for the year?

    • Hello Jan, you can put these at the end of the tracker. Next to the leave count

  • Ashwini

    This is excellent! Thank you for the tracker. I’m customizing it for my team, however I’m having trouble adding more employees. Need help. I tried copy-pasting the formula to add more members but the scroll bar is overlapping.

    • Hello Ashwini, Right-click on the scroll bar and then you can move it.

  • vinoth

    This is excellent! Thank you for the tracker but i have one doubt if i enter SL on Jan 5th its taking automatically next month also ???

    • Hello Vinoth, You need to use the scroll bar to change the months, and not cell A1

  • matthew laker

    Hi there.
    Love the tool – so useful!!!!!

    Are you aware of a way that will stack 3 months at a time and show the month prior and after the selected month? So a manager can see 3 months of planned leave at a time?

    I have thought about linking multiple macros but I did find it difficult and kept getting errors.

    For example, if we have 3 employees and instead of viewing 3 months horizontally, we want to see vertically. Using what we would like to see for feb as an example I have listed it below…

    January 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 etc

    Employee 1

    Employee 2

    Employee 3

    Feb 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 etc

    Employee 1

    Employee 2

    Employee 3

    March 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 etc

    Employee 1

    Employee 2

    Employee 3

    • Hello Matthew.. That would have to be a completely new tracker.. Stacking these months would mean a complete overhaul of formula and VBA

  • Shital Patel

    Hello There,
    The leave tracker one of the best..!Love the Tool..!
    One que i am not able to find same format and formula in next month Exp-if i scroll jan to Feb found the that the micro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disable..can you suggest me for the same

  • tenvolt

    Great template, one question/problem:
    – if I modify the formula in NJ8 (trying to change the 0.5 to 1 so that all leave types will be counted as a full day) then I end up with a #VALUE error in the cell, not sure how to fix this

  • Michael

    What a beautiful spreadsheet. Is there perhaps a video on how to start it from scratch?

  • james

    Hi Sumit,
    Would it be possible to amend the tracker so it was date specific, eg if a worker started working on the 20th of the month, the tracker would then show 12 months based on the 20th being the first day of the month?

  • Humaira

    Hi! The leave tracker is extremely helpful. Just a small question. I want to upload it as Google Spreadsheet and share it with the management. However, when I upload it, the scroll bar doesnt show in Google Spreadsheet. Any suggestions on how to do it? Thanks.

    • Paul G

      Same problem here 🙂 As per Sumit, he’s currently working on another file for Google Spreadsheet

  • This tracker is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Question though, I’ve updated the year to 2017, but the days of the week don’t match up properly. How do I update the day of the week row to be accurate?

  • Jacques

    Awesome leave tracker, thank you. How can I add in columns to reflect the employee surname, employee code, and job description please?

  • Paul G

    Hi Sumit,

    Hope that you have a template for this for Google Docs 🙂

  • Matt

    Is it possible to change one of the other categories, for example the Personal Day to a 0.5 day as well?

  • Tina Abarquez

    This spreadsheet is great however when I tried plotting the leaves for January, the leaves for that month still shows up on the rest of the months. If you delete the code, it will remove everything. How do you fix this?

    • Paul G

      As per sumit, you need to use the scroll bar for changing the months 🙂

      • Sridhar A

        But using the scroll bar, the month is not changing to the immediate next month. Instead it is taking to the last month of the year and some times to the middle month of the year

  • Prabodh Dwivedi

    Thanks for sharing however the issue with tracker is that if you fill in one of the cell for any leave type, then the cell remains filled even if you change the month. Ideally, the data from the cell should remain restricted to that month only.

  • Odette

    This is really is a brilliant template, thank you,
    I have added additional “leave codes”. Some of these additional “leave codes” I would like to have counted as 0.5, however, they are all being counted as 1.0. How do I change that?

  • Sridhar A

    Tracker is good, but i am facing some issues. For example if i enter two days as vacation for the month on January and i change the month from the dropdown on the left hand corner then the vacation days which i entered in the month of January are reflecting in other months too. Also if i click the scroll bar, it is taking to the end of the month for the year instead of the next month.

  • Andy Tran

    Thank you. It is really helpful. I just have 1 questtion.
    If I don’t want to count U, M as 1 in “Leaves this year” column, what should I do?

  • Lynn

    Our holidays are February to end January .. how can I amend the dates for the year

  • Zyra

    Hi Sumit! Please help me remove the 0.5 value and make it to 1. How do I do that? Thank you so much.

  • Sankar Iyer

    HI Sumith- Is there a 2017 version for this?

  • Divesh

    Hello Sumit, It is a very nice excel sheet which you have prepared & completely puts me at ease. I just wanted know from you how to add shift details. My team works in 24*5 form hence I am require to collect their login details. How can I create a LIST to record the same & then use other codes highlighting leaves.

  • Somto Ogbonna

    Hello Sumit,

    Your Leave Tracker is amazing, and I am trying my best to use it. However, I will like to upload it on Google Sheets so that I can share it with my entire team, but I do not want them to be able to make changes, just to view the sheet. Anytime I upload it, it changes the last day of the month to the first day, is there anything you can do to help. This is going to be a life saver for me if this works. Thanks a lot and I do hope to hear from you soon.

  • Megan Harrison

    This is awesome! Do you plan on doing a Google Sheets version?

  • Larvin Esguerra

    Hi, in the our office set up, people instead of getting paid double for working on holidays, they earn an extra VL that they can use for some other day. How do I incorporate this? Awesome template btw, thanks!

  • Kenneth Parkins

    @sumitbansal23:disqus ,
    First let me say thank you for this awesome template, I am having a little bit of trouble getting it or any other schedule to accomplish what is needed and would love to talk to you about it and see if you can help.

  • hanim

    hi there. This is going to sound a little weird, but what program does this use and what file do I open? I downloaded the above and tried to open it in Excel but nothing…. please help?

    • Melissa

      I have the same issue. Please advise!

  • Petra Rážová

    Hi, this is an absolutely amazing tool but I have one question for the 2017 version. When I downloaded it and opened on my desktop everything worked perfectly. But when I wanted to open it in my drive google docs it started to change the dates – now January 2017 is not starting with day 01 (Sunday) but starts on 31st (Sunday) and the month of January does not end with 31st Tuesday as it should, but Tuesday 30. Does anybody has an idea why?

    • Uday

      You need to set the starting month from the A1 cell for once and use the scroll bar to change the months. If you change the months from A1 cell the dates would be mapped randomly to show some different value but exact.

  • Muzaffar

    The Leave Tracker is awesome. I need to track 2017,2018,2019 and so on in one excel sheet.
    When i copy worksheet from one to another the scroll bar doesnot work. Please help

  • Samamil

    Thanks for the template!!! If we also want to track WFH (Work from Home) count of employees, how should we do it? It should not add up to holidays, but should have two similar columns to WFH per month and per year. Can you please update it to track WFH also?
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Uthuman

    This is the most important thing i have so far got from the internet this year

  • Michael Jones

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s very helpful. I wonder if you would be able to customize some parts of it for me. Some of my staff have weekends as work days. How do I make weekends work days for selected staff. Also, some staff have some public holidays as work days. How can I make some public holidays work days for selected staff? I’m happy to pay for customization to achieve these outcomes.

  • Chandan Hemnani

    Hi, I am in need of an excel sheet which can record attendance with exact time of login and log out automatically. When the employee opens this excel sheet he/she shouldn’t be entering anything. Excel should record the time of login and cannot be changed in any case. Should have a button, when pressed excel should record the log out time. This will show how much time has he/she worked. No manual intervention.

  • Pete Chatten-Berry

    I’m probably being really dim but I downloaded and unzipped the file but cannot find an excel spreadsheet to open?
    Which file in what directory opens the tracker?

  • Paul

    HI Sumit
    I can download the 2016 version fine and runs in Excel.
    However when extracted produces several folders with XML content and not an Excel workbook .XLSM.

  • Tom Moons

    Hi Sumit,

    Would it be possible to add extra columns next to name, such as team,…?
    Because every time I add a column, the first day of the month January disapears

    • mitra

      ı have same ıssue can anyone help?

  • James

    Need help.
    I download the zip file, but unsure of how to set up the file in excel.

    • Paul

      I had the same issue, rename the .ZIP file extension to .XLSM and the file will open in Excel.

      • James

        I will make the name change.

  • Mansoor

    When I click on the scroll bar; it says; “Run Time Error: 1004 – Application defined or object define error”

  • mitra

    Hello Sumit, thanks for your template it is great 🙂
    Can you please help me how to add additional column for ID and position in template of 2017 I could not use the template you added for 2016 ?

  • mitra

    Hello Sumit, Thanks for your template it is great , can you please help me how to add additional column fjor ID and position in template 2017 I could not use the template you added additional column in version

  • Susan

    I really like this Leave Tracker, but have one question about it. Is there a way to add a couple more columns next to the “Name” column?

    • mitra

      You can add column after NQ not anywhere else

  • Kristine Mendes

    This is awesome!

    How can I move the scroll bar down if I insert additional rows?

    • mitra

      right click on scroll bar and then cut , past where you want.

  • mitra

    When I want to add different employees in other month the employee also delete from first moth what is the solution? can anyone help.

  • Alisa Lycheva

    This tracker is great. Except for one thing. I updated the list of holidays, but some of them are not highlighted orange for some reason. Anybody knows why? How can it be fixed?

  • Uday

    Hey, I tried using the excel in office online through sharepoint, but seems the scroll bar to change the months is not working at all. Could you kindly assist how the scroll bar can be enabled in the online version so that your excel sheet can be used. Its very urgent, would appreciate if you could respond asap. Thanks

  • فاطمه فوزي

    Hello sir, this is very useful template for me. i would like to know how did you do the scroll bar. it scrolls the column labels with it. could you please do a tutorial of it?

  • Guadelupe Antonisia-Con

    Hi, thanks for this amazing template.
    However, can the same template be used as a year calendar, where I can have a year overview of absences.

  • binoy

    I download the sheet and start working, but i move to the next month all the leave history in the previous month are shown, and pop macro may not be available in the w.b or all macros may be disabled.

  • Ishani Dave

    I have 80 employees to be added but not able to add employees in the sheet.If I insert new Rows then all formula gets disturbed. Please suggest me how Can I add new employees?

  • فاطمه فوزي

    could you please do a tutorial of this leave tracker

  • Stacey

    I like this tracker, but how do add time to it. It only goes to March 2018?

  • Paul

    Hi Sumit
    I have added an overview sheet that uses a drop down to select the employee and then show the annual leave.
    Not as colourful as your original so far. Thanks for the template. Column AI is the starting point for each month assuming no changes have been made to layout.

  • Aragon

    Wow… what a great post! That helped me a lot. I would like to share with you a great service to fill a form online. If you ever need to fill out a form, here is

  • John Griffin

    Excellent program and I use it regularly. However, can I have it amended to not subtract Sick, Personal Days etc. I just need to add these days, not subtract from any other entitlements. Since our company has no benefits, I use sick days/personal days as 1 day and I need to add these up through out the year….Thanks. John

  • Suzette Marino

    I need to add additional leave codes, both full day and half day. Can you send instructions? My email is

    Thanks for the help!!

  • Aditya

    Hi Sumit, I just downloaded. I am not sure how to get to the template. I see al XML files. Could you assist please. Do I need to open those XML files with any application?

  • sachin

    Hi Sumit, I tried, the months are not changing properly and once i try switiching from Jan to Feb the leaves entered are wiped out or stay there.

  • Rosemarie Alago

    This is a total useful …. Thanks

  • Rosemarie Alago

    Thanks a lot

  • Visu Vijayakumar

    HI SUmit,

    I would like to add to column with repsect to leave breakup like “L” for Late and “P” for permission. But I do not want to add this in Leaves this month and Leaves this Year column

    How do I proceed for this


  • Anonymus

    Hi Sumit thanks for the great work. I am trying to add more employees in the list but the scroll button is not moving down when I am trying to add more rows can you help me on this please.

    • Sameer

      Hey, where you able to access the excel file?
      I am not able to. can you please share it with me –

  • Sameer

    Hi Sumit, Thanks for the template. However, I am unable to open the worksheet. Its downloads a zip file in all kinds of xml and other formats which are not accessible. can this be shared on email –

  • Yogesh Dash

    Is it possible to calculate monthly absent and present in this template?

  • Shawn Moore

    Hi Sumit,

    This is a great spreadsheet, thanks for sharing.

    I’m trying to adapt it to use it to track all hours worked by my employees for the month, quarter, and year.

    So in each day on the calendar, I enter the hours worked by the employee. Can you advise how I can create columns that total the hours worked for the current month, current quarter, and the entire year? I’m trying to learn how you set up your {sumproduct:offset} forumula, but don’t quite understand them as of yet.

    Thanks again,

  • Abdulwhab Owil

    Dear Mr. Sumit Bansal
    Thank you very much. This template is useful and simplified. I’ve solved all the problems.again thank you very much i really appreciate .

  • mac42

    This seems to work great. My company CEO uses it. I have a question/problem though. After he has entered 12 months of data, is there any way to add months, or do you have to start a fresh, blank template? He would like to have a continuous, single spreadsheet that keeps adding months to the end, or has 60 months or more. Otherwise, when a new sheet is created, the previous few months of data will be on a different sheet.
    In other words, is there any way to have a sheet which was started in May of 2016 have data through December of 2018 or longer?

  • Kelly

    Hi Sumit, is there a way to add two half days one for vacation and one for sick day?

  • Ka Ro

    Hello, I am unable to unzip the file, does it still work? thanks!

  • mohammed samiulla

    hello sumit thanks for this file, i’m getting error when i select 1st month it is displaying as march 2017….what may be the error. can you please help me the get this resolved. thanks in advance

  • welgene

    once download it was a zip file.. how to use?

  • may

    Hi. I am using the 50+Employee excel and its great!
    But I need to add 200 names….so I though copy and paste formulas down……however the scroll bar starts doing weird things. Instead of scrolling per month on the right, it scroll all the way to the end of the year on one click.
    I looked at the VBA code and couldn’t figure out why it is doing this….

    Any ideas?

  • James Ali Benoit

    hello Summit, thanks a lot for this template. saved my day. keep up with the good job.
    is it possible to move the scroll bar down to add more employees on the list?

  • Rukshana Hussain

    Hi, I have just downloaded this template. It’s fantastic, but i’m not sure if it will work for me. At my organisation we all work different hours, so our leave entitlement is recorded as hours and not days. I am no good with formula’s or VBA’s. Does anyone know how I change the formula from daily annual leave to hours? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Megan Lee

    On all saturdays my employees work half day. Is there a logic that I can input such that if i put in unpaid leave/urgent leave, it will become 0.5?

  • Bonnie

    I really like this tracker, but would like to do some customizations. The first one is a bit of color coding. Right now a half day shows up as yellow & all other absences are red. I am hoping that I can custom color it to have vacation days as green. Can you tell me how to do this?

  • Geetha

    Hi Sumit!

    I am trying to add Employee ID & Location in the beginning of the sheet but I am not able to move the formulas. Is there a way to fix this please?

  • Deepika Lohani

    Hi.. the leave tracker is one time saving workbook specially for the startups. Thank you for this creation. But I am facing an issue with the sheet. When I mark half day for an employee the leave breakup counts it as 1 and not as 0.5. Please help me in resolving this.

  • Deepika Lohani

    What if I want to deduct the half day from the available leave types (EL,CL or SL)?

  • Bill

    Is there a way to add a second half day or change one of the existing days to a half day as well?

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  • grace

    hi, can i use this template of year 2017 & 2018 in one sheet?

  • Ravil Kharya

    Hello Sumit,

    Can you add three more columns on the right like Back Up Resource, Approved By Client and other? I need that for 30 employees

  • Tatyana Sinchuk

    Hi Sumit. Love this template. I was wondering if you could explain how you set up H/h to equal .5 and all other values to equal 1. I was hoping to adjust this leave tracker to focus only on one type of leave, and then break it down by the amount of time, in quarters of hour, taken in one day: W=1.0, H=0.5, Q=0.25, HQ=0.75…
    Not sure if that’s possible. Any thoughts?

  • Wendy Leigh

    I love this tracker so much; well done — thank you for the share! We use all time off (sick, personal, vacation, etc.) as PTO (Paid Time Off) which is accrued on bi-monthly pay periods (26 per year). Do you have any spreadsheets to calculate accrual PTO for salaried and non-salaried employees?

  • Milind

    superb!! Thanks 🙂

  • Soul_O_Nice

    How can you change the scroll bar to advance by one month?

  • Soul_O_Nice

    When you create the leave tracker for 2018, can you add a column after the employee name. I’d like to add information for each employees without having to scroll all the way to the right of the spreadsheet. Thank you

  • Manab

    Thanks Sumit for the tracker, however the half day leave is not summed up with the corresponding types of leave like Vacation or Sick. For example since half day is not a separate types of leave but if I need mark half day vacation or sick leave it should be summed up with vacation or Sick leave instead of separate H list.

  • natasha

    Hi, I would like to add more Employees however please can someone help as to how you move the scroll bar down in the document once employees are add?

  • jab

    I cannot run macros due to restrictions in work area. How can i use this template without macros

  • manmohan gurjar

    Splendid work Sumit !!
    I want to add one more column as “comp-off” in Leave break up as well as in absence code mentioning comp-off as “Comp”. But the thing is Comp-off code should not get calculated or added to Leaves This Month and Leaves This Year but should get calculated or added only in Leave Break up.
    Please let me know how to do this ?

  • Shan

    Thanks a lot for this template. I have one question: How can I count friday as half day?

  • Paula

    Hello Sumit!

    First of all, thanks for the awesome excel spreadsheet! It is definitely efficient, clean, and pretty easy to use.

    I’ve added some changes to the excel, I’ve added additional years since we’re halfway into 2017 and modify some of the codes to be in alignment with our policy. With that being said, the modifications took place, I’ve crossed path with issues with the additional years.

    As I was scrolling through next year 2018, the excel spreadsheet did not clear all data from the current year. What codes that was already plugged in this current year carried over to 2018. How can I go about clearing the codes for next calendar year?

    Also, I would like to update the Holidays page for the year of 2018. How can I go about updating next years holidays chart and so forth? If I am able to update the holidays sheet, will the holidays carry over in the leave tracker sheet for the year of 2018?

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • Serena

    Hi this is amazing. i love it. im just trying to add to the leave training days without having to add to the total number of leaves. is that possible?

  • Serena Tan

    hi , this leave template is so amazing.
    can we add training leave without adding to the total in leave column?

    • Hey Serena.. You can use a code for training leaves (for example, replace C with T) and the leave breakup section will show the total for that leave code for all months.

      • Serena Tan

        Thanks Sumit. I tried to do that but it’s adding up to the leave total. How to exclude the training leaves from the total ?

        Thanks a lot. Love your templates

        • Hey Serena.. The easiest way would be to use a separate column (may be column NQ) and subtract the training leaves from total leaves.

          • Serena Tan

            Oh i tried to do that too on Column NJ and NK to subtract the training leaves but maybe i did it wrongly, its not getting a value after that

          • Did you try and do this column NJ or NK? If yes, it wouldn’t work as it will break the formulas in it. You can do this in a separate column that doesn’t have any formula in it. For example column NT or NU

          • Serena Tan

            oh ok thanks. I got what you mean but then it will stay put when i change the month, Hem its ok then thanks. i figure out something else.

  • Anna

    Hi I’m downloading the file but there’s no excel file? Is this still available?

    • Scott

      I had the same problem. I was using Microsoft Edge. Use Google Chrome and it should download the excel file instead of a zip folder that Edge did.

  • Cyron Somosot

    This is really great! Thanks Sumit!
    I have one question, how can I add a field after the Employee Name? I’d like to add more like ID, Team, etc. Thank you!

  • DanaKat18

    Hello, no matter how many times I’ve tried, the zip file doesn’t open to an excel spreadsheet. I do get a variety of folders but couldn’t find a spreadsheet within it. Is there a different way of downloading and accessing this template?

  • dee

    how to add another row of employee.. our employee are more then 10

  • Gilbert Adame

    Hi Sumit,
    I love this tracker, I was wondering if its possible to add .25 hours to it?

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Dear Sumit whenever i add new rows the scroll down bar comes in the middle of the sheet please tell me the solution for it so that can manage the template accordingly. and by the way uve done an awsome job. kindly do reply its very urgent

    • Aymen

      First right click and drag the scroll bar down and then keep adding the rows

  • Adnan Raihan

    Hi Mr. Sumit, awesome work, I just stuck with one, you didn’t add Time off In Lieu (TOIL) here

  • John Webber

    I have employees with different days off on a regular basis, how can it be customized for each employees days off? When I try to change each days off, it is applied to all employees. We work shift works and have schedule through the week with employees having different days off. thank you

  • Danny

    I love this template. I’m not good at Excel, but this doesn’t require me to be. How would I change the casual leave, which we don’t use, to something that we do use, comp time? I would love to have this box allow me to put in, for example, C2, which would equal two hours of comp time and have that reflected in the month and year totals. I figure the values would be based on .125 per hour, i.e. C8 would equal 1 day. Is this possible? I already added columns for the fluctuation in comp time off to the right and did a sum formula for the columns to reflect adding and subtracting comp hours. It would just be nice to look back on the month and see how much and when comp time was taken. As of now though if I put anything in a day box it equals one and I have to go back and change the total, which really doesn’t work because the template is not set up for three decimals and it rounds up.

  • Kenny Kong

    hello, thank you as this is a very very fantastic template,i am wondering how do I add more employees as I have 160 employees. it would be great if you can advise me how to do that.

  • Keshav Hebbar

    can i mark time also if employee leaves early in the same sheet?

  • siti

    Hi Sumit, How to change the looking for 2018 version

    • Hey Siti, you can change the value in cell A2 to change the year. Note that if you already have one for 2017, you need to create a copy, delete all leave already marked in the tracker, and change the value in cell A2 to 2018.

      • siti

        OK.. another matter for me is how i can add listing for the leave break up? because we have half day unpaid leave and half day for annual leave

        btw, thank you so much for sharing this excel leave tracker..

  • Andrew Munn

    your holiday tracker is excellent with one issue. the scroll bar doesnt work and doesnt advance by a month, it just goes to the end of the year. I cannot see a fix for this. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Harish

    I just downloaded the tracker, but not able to find how to open the xls, where it’s located in the downloaded folder

  • pedro

    Hello, is there a way to change the color? i mean, i would like it to be green instead of red, how could be it done? Thanks

  • Amanda Fouche

    HI. Please assist.. I am not to sure how to create a leave cycle on the leave tracking template you created

  • Ivan de Jager

    Hi, maybe a silly question but where must I download it too for it to work? It looks great

  • Gaby B

    Hi Sumit, is there anyway to make this template based on a bi-weekly (2weeks) schedule? With teh first bi-week defined by the template user?

  • Dannielle

    Hi Sumit – I desperately need to use the leave tracker but we track based on anniversary date rather than calendar year. Can the Tracker be tweaked to accommodate me? Thanks! This tracker is the best on the internet!

  • Ray

    the file only downloads as a XML am I doing something wrong? I’ve also tried your direct link

  • Emily Horswill

    Hiya, This is great, would you be able to release a 2018 version please?



  • Lee Fearnley


    Is there any way I can add additional sheets as tabs at the bottom of the spread sheet? When i try copy the tab and use the scroll bar i receive a run time error 🙁

    Brilliant other than this Sumit… top marks sir!

  • Alwyn Noronha

    can anyone guide me how to calculate the leave balance, considering leave balance is different every year
    Mr. ABC joined 01 Jan 2014- what should be his leave entitlement until December 2018
    everyone is entitled for a leave balance as per below
    2014 – 34 days
    2015 – 34 days
    2016 – 30 days
    until 08 July 2017- 30 days
    after 9 July 2017 – 34 days
    2018 – 34 days

    • Aymen

      same worry for me .. how to calculate the leave balances with reference to the joining date

  • jackie

    This is the best format out there for leave trackers, as it deals with the whole team not just individual employees. But I’m running into 2 issues. (1) I change the number in A1 and use the scroll bar to switch months. But while it’s in one month, say November, and I click on the right arrow on the scroll bar, it doesn’t go to Dec. It’ll go straight to Feb of the next year or some other random month. It skips, it never just goes to next month. (2) I want to add more employees. So I copy the data and formulas and insert a new row. Everything works, formula-wise, but then now the scroll bar is covering the bottom most row, since the scroll bar doesn’t move even if you add rows.

  • Aymen

    Hi Sumit, thank you for the amazing piece of work.. i want to have a link of updates sheet .. which include summary of the leaves as well as employee ID and position.

    • Aymen

      Also whenever i try to create a copy it always show error of Debug .. s

  • Karan

    can i add another leave type for which it counts it as 0.5 day like it does for half day??
    i want to bifurcate planned half day and unplanned half day.

  • Derek Lim

    Trying to leave a blank column before A1 but it seem not working. How can I insert an addition column without affecting the formula?

  • Nicole Brown

    Hi- Is there a way to change the highlighted colour for leave code? Process is for the TL to enter the leave type, and then once confirmed in Pulse update that particular leave to another colour – this will help to track any non updated leave for Payroll purposes.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Tallie Theriot

    The VBA for the scroll bar needs an edit but I can’t determine what that is…when clicking on the right arrow of the scroll bar it jumps from February to December.

  • Laura Taylor

    Hi I love this spreadsheet thank you for sharing. Is there a possibility of editing the employee’s? So say we have some employees who work full time and part time. So It calculates the leave of their individual hours?

  • Brenda

    Hi – I have downloaded the zip and did the extraction. I am not seeing the executable file to launch the spreadsheet. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, so would appreciate help in opening the spreadsheet. Thank you!

  • Todd Humphrey

    This there any way to return the dates from which the S,C,V,H,M (types) are applied to the calendar, and output them to a cell via I’m guessing what would need to be an INDEX by type?

  • yueakabane

    Hi Sumit, I need your help on this. How can I change the colour of the leave record for employees? and am I able to create A1 to select for different department? Please assist me on this. Many Thanks