Check your EQ (Excel Quotient) – Formula Crossword

Do you think you know Excel Formulas? Here is a fun way to test it!!

This blog post has a downloadable file (at the end) that has an Excel Formula Crossword in it. Go ahead and test your formula knowledge.

Since I am a nice guy, I did not put a timer in it. Solve it at your own pace, and I am sure you would also discover some cool excel features that I have used to create this.

Have Fun!!

Excel Crossword formula

Want to Prep: Refresh Excel Formula basics before jumping into the crossword? Visit the Formula Section

Let me know if you like it (leave a comment). Would be happy to create more and share with you all 🙂

Download the Crossword
Download File Pic

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11 thoughts on “Check your EQ (Excel Quotient) – Formula Crossword”

  1. Quit fun – thanks, and it was fun to see if I guessed how you built it correctly.
    Not an exact match, but then Excel keeps showing us that there are multiple ways to accomplish the same task 🙂

  2. Sheet2 was hidden by going to VBA>Property box>Select Sheet2>Change the value of ‘Visible’ variable from ‘xlSheetVisible’ to ‘xlSheetVeryHidden’

  3. Dear Sumit
    Nice One,
    Please Post More in future.
    One Query, How did you hide sheet2 here??


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