How to Embed Youtube Video in Excel Worksheet

Watch Video – How to Embed Youtube Video in Excel

Embedding a Youtube video in Excel could be helpful if you want the user to go through some instructions in the video before using the spreadsheet/model/dashboard. I sometimes use it during excel training session with live examples.

In this blog post, I will show you how you can embed youtube video in Excel.

Step 1 – Modify Youtube URL

  1. Get the youtube video URL. I am using the URL of a popular video from my Youtube channel.
    Embed Youtube Video in Excel - Original URL
  2. Modify the youtube link by making the following changes
    • Remove watch?
    • Replace = after v with a forward slash (v= becomes v/)
      Embed Youtube Video in Excel - Link Modify
    • Add &vq=hd720 at the end of the URL to play it in HD mode. Make sure that the video has the HD mode available in youtube (if not, do not add &vq=hd720).
    • The resulting URL looks like this
      Embed Youtube Video in Excel - Link FINAL
  3. We will use this URL in Step 2 to embed this video in Excel


Step 2 – Embed Youtube Video in Excel

  1. Go to Developer Tab. If you do not have a developer tab in ribbon, click here to learn on how to enable it.
  2. In developer tab, go to Insert –> More Controls.
    Embed Youtube Video in Excel - More Controls
  3. In More Controls dialogue box, select Shockwave Flash Object and click OK
    Embed Youtube Video in Excel - Shockwave Flash File
  4. Click anywhere on the sheet and it will insert the Shockwave Flash Object
  5. Right click on the Shockwave Flash Object and Click on Properties
  6. In the Shockwave Flash Object Properties dialogue box, make the following changes
    • AllowFullScreen: True (This enables you to play the video in full-screen mode)
    • Movie: (it is the modified URL created in Step 1)
      Embed Youtube Video in Excel - Properties
  7. Close the properties window. Go to Developer and click on Design Mode. This will get you out of Design Mode and you would see youtube video load in the flash object space. Click on play to watch the video.

Caution: Do not save in compatibility mode. It may not work when you re-open it. Save it in XSLX or XLSM format

Try it yourself.. Download the file

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8 thoughts on “How to Embed Youtube Video in Excel Worksheet”

  1. Hi colleague, i have a problem with the embedded video. I do all steps but get the next: Flash-embedded videos are no longer supported, but you can still watch this video on Youtube

    • Hi Asif. It should be an inbuilt feature in the More Controls option. It should be there by default. If you can’t find it may be it is a version issue or installation issue. You can try on some other system or try and re-install again.


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