How to Use Excel MINUTE Function (LIVE Examples + Video)

Excel MINUTE Function (Examples + Video)


When to use Excel MINUTE Function

Excel MINUTE function can be used when you want to get the MINUTE integer value from a specified time value.

What it Returns

It returns a value between 0 and 59 depending on the time value used as the input.



Input Arguments

  • serial_number – The value that contains the time that needs to be determined.

Additional Notes

The arguments can be provided in different formats:

  • As a serial number: The integer part of the serial number represents the date and the decimal portion represents time (remember excel stores date and time as serial numbers).
    • If you provide 41640.78125 as the serial number, it would return 45 (as the decimal portion 0.78125 represents 18 hours and 45 minutes).
  • As text: =MINUTE(“41640.78125”) would return 45.
  • As a result of some other formula. For example, =MINUTE(TIMEVALUE(“6:45 PM”)) would return 45.

Excel MINUTE Function – Live Examples


Excel MINUTE Function – Video

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