How to Insert a Picture in Excel Comment

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In some cases, you may want to insert an image in the comments boxes in Excel.

For example, if you have a list of products, then inserting product images in the comment box could make your Excel sheet easy to use.

As soon as the user would hover the mouse over a cell that has a comment, it would show the comment and the picture within it.

I used this trick when I had a list of countries and I wanted to insert a flag image for each country in the cell comment.

Something as shown below:

How to Insert a Picture in Excel Comment

It’s such a simple trick; yet impresses big time!!

Insert a Picture in Excel Comment

Here are the steps to insert a picture in Excel Comment:

  • In the worksheet, select the cell in which you want to insert the comment.
  • Right-click on the cell and select Insert Comment. This will insert a comment in the cell.
    • You can also use the keyboard shortcut – Shift + F2.How to Insert a Picture in Excel Comment - Rightclick
  • (Optional Step) Delete the default username from the comment. If you don’t delete the existing text in the comment, it will display the text over the picture.
  • Hover the cursor on the edges of the comment. You would notice that the cursor turns into a four arrow icon. Right-click and click on the ‘Format Comment…’ option.
    • This will open the Format Comment dialogue box.How to Insert a Picture in Excel Comment - format comment
  • In the format comment dialogue box, select the ‘Color and Lines’ tab.How to Insert a Picture in Excel Comment - color lines
  • In the Color Drop-down menu select ‘Fill Effects’.How to Insert a Picture in Excel Comment - Fill
  • In the ‘Fill Effects’ dialogue box, select the ‘Picture’ tab and click on the ‘Select Picture’ button below the Picture box.How to Insert a Picture in Excel Comment - select Picture
  • Browse and select the picture you want in the comment.
  • Click OK.

Now when you hover over the cell, the picture would be displayed in your comment.

Amazing, isn’t it!!!

Note: This technique involves a bit of manual work. You need to follow the above steps for each cell where you want to insert a picture in the comment.

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  • Mary Maxwell says:

    This doesn’t tell you what to do if your picture needs to be rotated after you insert it within the Note/Comment.

  • channa from sri lanka says:

    great. thank you

  • Akhil Antony says:

    Thank you . It is clear and simple representation.

  • Onnix Tim says:

    a excellent sharing. Thank you.

  • Anota Banta says:

    With the advent of the new “comments”, this doesn’t appear to work. However, found that the old “comments” are now called “Notes”, and this works perfectly!!! Thank you!!!!

  • why my excel the format comment only have Font tab?

    • be sure to right-click on the border of the comment box.

  • Thank you! Awesome description, helped me a lot!

  • This feature seems to have been discontinued. Sadly, it is not available in Office 365 (version 16.0.11425). I opened an old workbook that had images in the comments, but was not able to insert new ones. The menu options are simply not there. I also tried pasting into the comments, and it would resize the comment box to the size of the image, but the image would not display.

  • What version of Excel are you using for this? I’m using Excel 15.30 for Mac and it doesn’t show me these options.

  • >