Create Groups in Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

If you are addicted to using the Excel Quick Access toolbar (QAT), this tip is for you.

As you add many icons to the Excel QAT, there is also a way to group related icons together. Here is a snapshot of my Quick Access Toolbar:

Trump Excel Quick Access Toolbar

These vertical line separators can be used to group similar icons together. For example, here I have all the object alignment icons together. Similarly, I have the data related icons (data validation and sorting) together at the end.

Creating Groups in Quick Access Toolbar

  • Right-click on the QAT icons and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar..Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • In the Excel Option dialogue box, there are 2 sections. On the left, you have all the icons that can be added to QAT, and on the right, you have existing QAT icons. To add a separator, click on <Separator> and then click Add. You can then set the position of the Separator by using the up and down arrow keys.Quick Access Toolbar Adding Separator
  • Click Ok. That’s it. Now your QAT icons would be separated by a grey vertical line (which gives an illusion that you have created groups).

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