How to Use Excel INT Function (Examples + Video)

Excel INT Function (Example + Video)

Excel INT Function

When to use Excel INT Function

INT Function can be used when you want to get the integer portion of a number.

What it Returns

It returns an integer number.



Input Arguments

  • number – the number for which you want get the integer value.

Additional Notes

  • INT function always round down to give the integer value.
    • If the number is positive:
      • INT function would give the integer portion of the number. For example, =INT(4.99) would return 4 as the function rounds down.
    • If the number is negative:
      • Since INT function rounds down, if you use =INT(-4.1), it would return -5.

Excel INT Function – Live Example

Excel INT Function – Video Tutorial

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  • Deepak

    In cell A8, it should be =INT(A3)