How to Use Excel TODAY Function (Examples + Video)

Excel TODAY Function (Example + Video)


When to use Excel TODAY Function

TODAY function can be used to get the current date. It is useful when you want to update the date whenever someone opens a worksheet or when a calculation is dependent on current date.

It can also be used to quickly calculated the time that had elapsed between today and the date when an event occurred. For example, if you were born on 10 December 1987, you can calculate your age using this formula =TODAY()-DATE(1987,12,10).

What it Returns

It returns a serial number that represents the current date.



Input Arguments

  • TODAY function does not take any input arguments. It is used with empty parenthesis.

Additional Notes

  • TODAY is a volatile function and should be used with caution
    • It recalculates whenever the excel workbook is open or whenever a calculation is triggered in the worksheet. This means that the value of TODAY keeps on changing based on the current date.
    • It can be forced to recalculate by pressing the F9 key. This recalculates the entire workbook calculations.
    • To get a static date (that does not recalculate), either manually type the value or use the keyboard shortcut Control + : (Note: this shortcut gets the time component only, and not the date).
  • If you do not want TODAY function to re-calculate again and again, you can change the calculations settings from automatic to manual. You can find this setting in the Excel Options.

Excel TODAY Function – Live Example

Excel TODAY Function – Video Tutorial

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