How to use Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL Function

Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL Function (Example + Video)


When to use Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL Function

Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL function can be used when you want to get the number of working days between two given dates. It does not count the weekends and holidays, both of which can be specified by the user.

It can be used when you want to calculate the benefits accrued to employees over time. It also enables you to specify the weekend (for example, you can specify Friday and Saturday as the weekend, or only Sunday as the weekend).

What it Returns

It returns a positive integer that represents a total number of working days between two specified dates.


=NETWORKDAYS.INTL(start_date, end_date, [weekend], [holidays])

Input Arguments

  • start_date – a date value that represents the start date.
  • end_date – a date value that represents the end date.
  • [weekend] – (Optional) Here you can specify the weekend. If this is omitted, Saturday and Sunday are taken as the weekend.
  • [holidays] – (Optional) It is a range of dates that are excluded from the calculations. For example, these could be national/public holidays. This could be entered as a reference to a range of cells that contains the dates or could be an array of serial numbers that represent the dates.

Additional Notes

  • Could be used to calculate benefits accrued to employees over time.
  • A date can be entered as:
    • A result from some other function
    • A date stored as text
    • A date entered as text (in double quotes)
  • Weekend could be any two consecutive days or any single day of the week. When you enter the weekend argument, Excel shows a drop down menu from where you can select the relevant option.
  • In case of part-time jobs or non-consecutive non-working days type the below format in [weekend] section
    • Suppose you only work on Monday and Wednesday, use “0101111” [0 represents a working day and 1 represents non-working day]
      • The first number in this format represents Monday and the last represents Sunday
      • Use this number in double quotes
      • With the same logic, “1010111″ indicates that only Tuesday and Thursday are working, and rest 5 days are non-working

Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL Function – Live Example

Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL Function – Video Tutorial

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