How to Quickly Select Blank Cells in Excel

A lot of times I work with data that has blank cells in it. If not handled, this could create havoc when these blank cells are referenced in formulas. I usually fill these blank cells with 0 or NA (Not Available).

In huge data sets, it is practically impossible (or highly inefficient) to do this manually. Thankfully, there is a way to select blank cells in Excel in one go.

Select Blank Cells in Excel

Here is how you can Select blank cells in Excel:

  1. Select the entire data set (including blank cells)
  2. Press F5 (this opens the Go To dialogue box)
  3. Click the Special.. button (this opens the Go To special dialogue box)

select blank cells in excel - Go to Dialogue box

  1. Select Blanks and click Ok (this selects all the blank cells in your dataset)

select blank cells in excel - Go To Special Dialogue

  1. Type 0 or NA (or whatever you want to type in all the blank cell)
  2. Press Control + Enter (keep the Control key pressed and then hit Enter)
  3. Pat your back. It’s done 🙂

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