How to Use Excel REPLACE Function (Examples + Video)

Excel REPLACE Function (Example + Video)

Excel REPLACE Function

When to use Excel REPLACE Function

REPLACE function can be used when you want to replace a part of text string with another string.

What it Returns

It returns a text string where a part of the text has been replaced by the specified string.


=REPLACE(old_text, start_num, num_chars, new_text)

Input Arguments

  • old_text – the text you want to replace.
  • start_num – the starting position from where the search should begin.
  • num_chars – the number of characters to replace.
  • new_text – the new text that should replace the old_text.

Additional Notes

  • Start Number and Number of Characters can not be negative.

Excel REPLACE Function – Live Example

Excel REPLACE Function – Video Tutorial

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