Call Center Performance Dashboard in Excel [FREE Download]

Excel Dashboards can be very useful when you need to assess the performance of some key metrics over a period of time.

This Call Center Performance Dashboard enables the user to analyze the performance on a weekly basis and track key call center metrics.

Call Center Performance Dashboard

Here’s a how the dashboard looks:

Call Center Performance Dashboard Excel

Click here to download the Call Center Performance Dashboard

Here are the metrics that you can track using this dashboard:

  • Call center level data: This includes total call, average answer speed, abandon rate, average calls/minute, overall satisfaction score (chart), SLA limits.
  • Agent level data: This includes total calls, calls answered, average answer speed, call resolution (%), and call resolution trend.
  • Department level data: Call abandon rate by departments.

Note that Week #1 starts from 4 January 2016 in this dashboard as that is when you get the complete data for a week (and is a proper comparison with other weeks).

Here is how this dashboard works:

  • You can analyze weekly data by using the scroll bar to change weeks. When you change the week, the entire dashboard gets updated with data for that week.

Call Center Performance Dashboard in Excel - Demo1

  • You also have the ability to sort metrics data by agents (by selecting the radio button). When you select a radio button, the entire data for agents gets sorted in a descending order for that selected metric. The bar chart also updates and sorts the names based on the selection.

Call Center Performance Dashboard in Excel - Demo2a

Note: This dashboard uses a lot of formulas and as a result, when you change the scroll bar value, you may see it running to the end. It especially happens if you’re using a slow machine. This is due to a lot of calculations that happen in the backend. A workaround is to click on the scroll bar tip and then remove the cursor from it.

When you download this dashboard, you get access to everything (nothing is locked) and you can learn some cool things that make this dashboard, such as:

  • Using the Scroll bar to change weeks.
  • Using Radio Buttons to sort data.
  • Using the SUMPRODUCT function to perform calculations based on user selection.
  • Speedometer chart to show the overall satisfaction score for the selected week.
  • Sparklines to show call resolution trend for each agent.
  • Bar chart to show satisfaction score for agents. Notice a small smiley appears when the agent’s score is more than 3.5

This dashboard is a part of my Excel Dashboard Course but I decided to give it away to everyone for free.

If you’re interested in learning how to create this dashboard (and many such awesome dashboards), you can join the Excel Dashboard Course.

Let me know your thoughts/feedback in the comments section.

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  1. Hi Sumit, you are doing very great Job, Thank you so much for all the efforts.
    I have a question, From where I can get the data like this for practice?

  2. Please let us know. From where do you get the data from the column Satisfaction rating? And Avg speed

  3. Hi You have been doing such an amazing work. Can you tell me how can I convert this excel in to a Google sheet?

  4. Great!!!!!
    How to start another week? example: 10/10/17

    As soon as I improve my English I will want your course.
    Greetings from the Brazilian friend 😉

  5. Hi there. Great Dashboard however how I have miodified it while learning to create a Dashboard a bit and need it to be by day and not week with the scroll bar. Can you tell me how to change that?

  6. Hello Sumith.. even i am looking for same kind of dashboard for my team.. i workd as team leads for inbound call center… can you help me out with creating one wish easy adn accurate looking dashboard…
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  7. hi Sumit,
    I am new in here but thanks a lot for your impressive dash boards. Very dynamic and intuitive I must say. Looking forward to have the dash board course soon.
    Please is it possible to come up with an election results dash board? Say Presidential and Parlementary election results. Thus, something more like the call center performance dash board.
    Thank you


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Get 51 Excel Tips Ebook to skyrocket your productivity and get work done faster



Get 51 Excel Tips Ebook to skyrocket your productivity and get work done faster

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Get 51 Excel Tips Ebook to skyrocket your productivity and get work done faster