Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box – Extract Data as you Type

Excel Filter is one of the most used functionalities when you work with data. In this blog post, I will show you how to create a Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box, such that it filters the data based on what you type in the search box.

Something as shown below:

Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box - Demo of the excel functionality where you can filter data as you type

There is a dual functionality to this – you can select a country’s name from the drop-down list, or you can manually enter the data in the search box, and it will show you all the matching records. For example, when you type “I” it gives you all the country names with the alphabet I in it.

Download Example File and Follow Along

Watch Video – Creating a Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box

Creating a Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box

This Dynamic Excel filter can be created in 3 steps:

  1. Getting a unique list of items (countries in this case). This would be used in creating the drop down.
  2. Creating the search box. Here I have used a Combo Box (ActiveX Control).
  3. Setting the Data. Here I would use three helper columns with formulas to extract the matching data.

Here is how the raw data looks:

Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box - This is how the raw data looks

USEFUL TIP: It is almost always a good idea to convert your data into an Excel Table. You can do this by selecting any cell in the dataset and using the keyboard shortcut Control + T.

Step 1 – Getting a unique list of items

  1. Select all the Countries and paste it into a new worksheet.
  2. Select the country list –> Go to Data –> Remove Duplicates.Clean Data in Excel - Remove Duplicates
  3. In the Remove Duplicates dialogue box, select the column in which you have the list and click Ok. This will remove duplicates and give you a unique list as shown below:Dynamic Excel Filter - Getting a unique list of values
  4. One additional step is to create a named range for this unique list. To do this:
    • Go to Formula Tab –> Define Name
    • In Define Name Dialogue Box:
      • Name: CountryList
      • Scope: Workbook
      • Refers to: =UniqueList!$A$2:$A$9 (I have the list in a separate tab named UniqueList in A2:A9. You can refer to wherever your unique list resides)Dynamic Excel Filter - Named Range

NOTE: If you use ‘Remove Duplicates’ method and you expand your data to add more records and new countries, you will have to repeat this step again. Alternately, you can also you a formula to make this process dynamic.

See Also: How to use a formula to get a list of Unique items.

Step 2 – Creating The Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box

For this technique to work, we would need to create a ‘Search Box’ and link it to a cell.

We can use the Combo Box in Excel to create this search box filter. This way, whenever you enter anything in the Combo Box, it would also be reflected in a cell in real-time (as shown below).

Dynamic Excel Filter - Text reflected in real time

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Go to Developer Tab –> Controls –> Insert –> ActiveX Controls –> Combo Box (ActiveX Controls).
  2. Click anywhere on the worksheet. It will insert the Combo Box.Dynamic Excel Filter - Combo Box Inserted
  3. Right-click on Combo Box and select Properties.
  4. In Properties window, make the following changes:
    • Linked Cell: K2 (you can choose any cell where you want it to show the input values. We will be using this cell in setting the data).
    • ListFillRange: CountryList (this is the named range we created in Step 1. This would show all the countries in the drop down).
    • MatchEntry: 2-fmMatchEntryNone (this ensures that a word is not automatically completed as you type)Creating a Dynamic Excel Filter Search Box - Combo Box Properties
  5. With the Combo Box selected, Go to Developer Tab –> Controls –> Click on Design Mode (this gets you out of design mode, and now you can type anything in the Combo Box. Now, whatever you type would be reflected in cell K2 in real time)Dynamic Excel Filter - Text reflected in real time

Step 3 – Setting the Data

Finally, we link everything by helper columns. I use three helper columns here to filter the data.

Helper Column 1: Enter the serial number for all the records (20 in this case). You can use ROWS() formula to do this.Dynamic Excel Filter - Helper Column 1

Helper Column 2: In helper column 2, we check whether the text entered in the search box matches the text in the cells in the country column.

This can be done using a combination of IF, ISNUMBER and SEARCH functions.

Here is the formula:


This formula will search for the content in the search box (which is linked to cell K2) in the cell that has the country name.

If there is a match, this formula returns the row number, else it returns a blank. For example, if the Combo Box has the value ‘US’, all the records with country as ‘US’ would have the row number, and rest all would be blank (“”)Dynamic Excel Filter - Helper Column 2

Helper Column 3: In helper column 3, we need to get all the row numbers from Helper Column 2 stacked together. To do this, we can use a combination if IFERROR and SMALL formulas. Here is the formula:


This formula stacks all the matching row numbers together. For example, if the Combo Box has the value US, all the row numbers with ‘US’ in it get stacked together.Dynamic Excel Filter - Helper Column 3

Now when we have the row numbers stacked together, we just need to extract the data in these row number. This can be done easily using the index formula (insert this formula in where you want to extract the data. Copy it in the top-left cell where you want the data extracted, and then drag it down and to the right).


This formula has 2 parts:
INDEX – This extracts the data based on the row number.
IFERROR – This returns blank when there is no data.

Here is a snapshot of what you finally get:Dynamic Excel Filter - Final Output

The Combo Box is a drop down as well as a search box. You can hide the original data and helper columns to show only the filtered records. You can also have the raw data and helper columns in some other sheet and create this dynamic excel filter in another worksheet. Dynamic Excel Filter - Demo of the Search Box

Download the Dynamic Excel Filter Example FileDownload File Pic

Get Creative! Try Some Variations

You can try and customize it to your requirements. You may want to create multiple excel filters instead of one. For example, you may want to filter records where Sales Rep is Mike and Country is Japan. This can be done exactly following the same steps with some modification in the formula in helper columns.

Another variation could be to filter data that starts with the characters that you enter in the combo Box. For example, when you enter ‘I’, you may want to extract countries starting with I (as compared with the current construct where it would also give you Singapore and Philippines as it contains the alphabet I).

As always, most of my articles are inspired by the questions/responses of my readers. I would love to get your feedback and learn from you. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Note: In case you’re using Office 365, you can use the FILTER function to quickly filter the data as you type. It’s easier than the method shown in this tutorial.

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  10. Hi Sumit,

    I’ve found your video extremely useful, but like a lot of others I’m struggling to apply your formula to multiple searches/filters/conditions. I’ve seen you’ve shared a dropbox link for this solution but they have expired. Is it possible to please create another link or to comment in an example of this formula – this would be much appriciated.

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    It really helped me do the search bar and it works fine,
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    • I did get this to work with multiple filters. Use the search for multiple selections (Column Helper 2 – apply for each sort field) to come up with the data columns, and then use a separate column to call out where the various columns all have the same data. I did three helper columns with a sort of “if Helper 1 = Helper 2 = Helper 3 then show value in Helper 1”. Then I did the sort in Helper 3 off of the new column and it worked.

      I hope that makes sense…

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  13. Another variation could be to filter data that starts with the characters that you enter in the combo Box. For example, when you enter ‘I’, you may want to extract countries starting with I (as compared with the current construct where it would also give you Singapore and Philippines as it contains the alphabet I).

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    I have about 2500 line items (Inventory) and 7 header columns. I currently use Conditional formatting but the problem is scrolling down the page to see what is highlighted.

    • Yes, you can.
      Make these “helpers” in the sheet where all the data is.
      Then, in the secondary sheet, make a table with Filtered Data.

  20. I need to use a dynamic filter text for online usage, with a shared website in my company. How can I use ActiveX Dynamic filter this way?

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    I have successfully completed this; however, one of my columns with information the populates contains hyperlinks to documents on the computer. Right now these hyperlinks are only showing up as text. I would like the link to be retained when it appears in the search results, can you help with this?

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  26. This works great for my needs! I would like to hide the dynamic list while the search box is empty and only show the results. Is there a way to do this?

  27. I like the idea (and I’m guessing this is pretty old) but this is the most round about way I’ve ever seen to accomplish this. What you really want is to simply work the autofilters via the combobox’s change event. if you need to view your filtered data on a separate sheet then simply copy the filtered range to it. No need for helper columns or vlookup/index formula’s either. You could also use a dynamic range in VBA and forget about the static named range altogether.
    Just my 2cents…

    • Hi SM177y
      can you please elaborate on this?
      I think you are referring to manage large number of data rows
      I have around 10K rows and the original equation in this post is little slow.

      how can i improve this?

  28. Hello. This is a great tutorial and is just what I was looking for. However, I’m stuck on Helper 3. In the YouTube video you mention something about adding ROWS. I can’t see the formula because the video is a little blurry. In the instructions above, there is no mention of rows. When I follow the instructions above, I’m not getting my numbers stacked in Helper 3.

    • Hello.. The ROWS function is used in Helper Column 1. The formula used in cell E4 is =ROWS($B$4:B4) and then copied for all the remaining cells in the column. You can also download the example file and see the exact formula in it.

  29. Hi Sumit, just to check can we select two filters like maybe one box for both country and name or two boxes , one for country and one for name. How would the excel sheet formula be like? Thanks in advance

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    • Following this guide, to use it on a larger data set, you would only need to redefine the named range to include however many rows you need….But if you read my other comment and do a little Googling, you’ll find much easier, faster, and more efficient ways to accomplish this that aren’t bound to any static range.

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    I would like to make dynamic books title list with the help of this formula, can you suggest further options to me e.g. – once a user will get the data after applying drop down option after this can he directly email the outcome to clients or save the outcome in PDF

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    • Hi Summit – I fixed the issue with the table populating when using the combo boxes. I do have two other questions. When I use the Combo boxes for filter it includes any results that has similar spelling, but I just want it to show the “Brand” I have selected.
      How do I update Helper 2 formula: =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($M$2,B4)),ISNUMBER(SEARCH($L$2,C4)),ISNUMBER(SEARCH($K$2,D4))),F4,””)
      My other question is how can I show no results when no combo filter box has nothing selected?
      Thank You! Great tutorial.

      • Your above finding was really helpful for my report with multiple filters. This is what I was looking for. Appreciate your contribution 🙂

      • I’m having issues with the Helper Column 3 with this formula, where nothing is displayed / organised despite the filters being met. Any ideas?

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    I’ve just discovered a pretty good video where the search filter works dynamicaly by hiding the rows. Looks very nice and useful. Moreover, there is a download link below the video, so you can try it immediately.


    Maybe you will find there some new ideas..

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    I want to do something similar, but rather than filtering on the column i want to filter by row.
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    Can you please help with this?

  41. Thank you for the video. What if I want to extract any data that I type in the combo box, what would the formula be? Thanks.

  42. Fantastic demo, well written. I’m a little confused why you need to create a unique table, why not dump all your raw data on one sheet (in my case, priority, alarm, information, support team) and have another sheet do the search and display the relevant rows below ? This would (I think) be more universal and help more people. Just a thought, not by any means a criticism.

    • Thanks for sharing Miles.. Unique list is created for the drop down, so that there are no repetitions in that. If that’s not needed, that you can do away with the unique list step

  43. Hello,

    If I have dates in mm/dd/year (or some equivalent) how can I use the dynamic filter to search by month or year whilst keeping the date format?

    Unfortunately even if the dates are formated to say the respective month it only searches in based off of what is in the formula box.

    I look forward to your response.

  44. Hi Sumit, thanks for this. It’s a great tutorial. I have a couple of further issues I’m hoping you can help me with. In my filtered results any cells that were left blank in the raw data now have a 0 (zero) in them. Is there a way to show the cells as blank in the filtered results? Also, some of the filtered cells contain hyperlinks. These are “live” in the raw data (if you click them they open the relevant page in your browser), but they are not live in the filtered data. Is there a way to make them live in the filtered data? Thanks for any help you can give!


  46. Hello. Thank you for the superb post. You saved me big time. But there’s a problem. The search box also filter the words that contain the words I search. For example, I search for “AN” and the rows with “CHANH” also appear. How can I set it so that only the exact word is filtered?

    • Hello Minh. You can do that by replacing the formula in Helper 2 with the following: =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($K$2,D4)),LEN(D4)=LEN($K$2)),E4,””)

      Simply put this formula in F4 and copy for all the cells in that column.

  47. Hello, Is it possible to take the range of the ‘Filtered Data’ section from one sheet to another?

    If I copy the formula over and add the sheet name before the cell I can see all the current values, but it doesn’t appear to be dynamic and update like the information does on the original sheet.

    any help is appreciated.

    • Hello JP.. You can get the filtered data in another sheet as well. Instead to adding the sheet name manually, I would suggest you reconstruct it from scratch (as shown in the tutorial). That way Excel will take care of the cell referencing and naming itself

  48. Hi Sumit

    This is a brilliant method for making a searchable staff telephone list. However, some of my cells in the range are blank, where there is either no extension or mobile, and they are showing in the search result table as 0. I have tried, without success, to add an if statement to weed these out and show them as blank cells. Is there a way to do this without causing the formula =IFERROR(INDEX($B$4:$D$23,$G4,COLUMNS($I$3:I3)),””) to throw up an error?

    • Hello Dawn.. Would be great if you could paste a screen shot of the data, or send me the data via email. I just want to make sure I give you the formula that suits your data. It can be done by tweaking existing formulas used in the template

  49. Hi Sumit,

    Thanks for sharing!

    I am currently putting the dynamic filter and its data on a different worksheet. May I know if it is possible to also have a filter option to display “All the data”.

    If I would like to have the option to choose “All Countries” from your example, how would I be able to do it?

  50. When the combo box is empty it shows the entire result(s). Is there a way when the combo box is empty the results are blank?

    • Hello Rob.. change the formula in Helper Column 2 with the following formula: =IF(AND($K$2″”,ISNUMBER(SEARCH($K$2,D4))),E4,””)

      Now when the combo box is empty, it will show no results

  51. Hi Sumit – this is awesome! Just wondering if you’re able to help me out a little bit more?

    I’m trying to do a version of this where the data is output to a second sheet (saves me from hiding & unhiding cells all the time).

    I’ve managed to output the data to a sheet named UI (user interface) but now the search filter isn’t working. It’s probably something to do with how I’ve written the Formula’s, but I can’t figure it out.

    I’ve attached screenshots showing the sheets and the formula’s being used. Any help would be much appreciated!


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  53. Sir, Thank you so much for the tutorial, you save my family’s business.
    I do have a bit of question. Instead of country name like Japan, India, Singapore, I have a “group id” like 001, 01, 240, 24, 924. And I did >Define Name and all. But once I start using the combo box, “24”, the items of other group like 240 and 924 would come along.

    I guess it has something to do with The helper 2 column “=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($K$2,D4)),E4,””)”
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  55. This was so helpful. Thank you. I had been banging my head all week trying to do this on my own.

    Only issue I encountered is after selecting the item from the Combo list, sometimes the selection just disappears – i.e. the combolist seems to just clear itself. Not sure what is going on there. Do you have any idea what could be causing this please?

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    can you able to see what wrongs with my formula?

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  58. Hi,
    As i mentioned in the comments below. I’ve got a pretty large dataset for which this solution really struggles. and takes good few seconds to filter through data. I’ve just read about INDEX MATCH formula – so was wondering if this type of dynamic search could be achieved using INDEX MATCH formula, which should be most probably quicker than the INDEX you have used here. Please advise.
    Thank you

    p.s. more about INDEX MATCH benefits: http://www.mbaexcel.com/excel/why-index-match-is-better-than-vlookup/

  59. Hello Sumit,

    Thank you so much for uploading this video. Is there any way to show the search result blank if there is no data in the combobox ?

    • Hello Siddhartha.. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. You can do this by changing the formula in 2nd helper column to: =IF(LEN($K$2)=0,””,IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($K$2,D4)),E4,””))

      Paste this formula in F4 and drag it down.

      • Hi Sumit,
        Thanks for your sharing, if the data table have a blank in somewhere cell, it doesn’t count this row, any formula can solve it?

  60. Hi Sambit,

    Regarding the variations: I’m wondering if it’s possible to have more than two conditions/filters? I can’t seem to figure out the correct formula.


  61. Nice,works well, but unusable with big tables, takes 5 min to filter a 12k row table on a Quad Core i5 with 4G RAM. I am aware this is not the intended use, just want to inform others who want to give it a try 🙂

    • Hi.
      I’m in the same situation as posted above. I’ve got a file of 15 000 rows and the list is constantly growing. I’ve tried the formula with helper columns and all works great, apart that it takes around 1-3 seconds to generate a list from my query. Also the way i made a formula is to output the data to another sheet as a summary instead of seeing all raw data, so it looks really need. I’ve also tried the same solution with the 1 000 entries and that returns data as i type. I’ve got i5 6 GB laptop and it really struggles with the large database (15k rows). Is there another way of making the same dynamic search that wouldn’t put so much pressure on processor and would return data as i type?
      Also big thanks for trumpexel for such a great solution.

  62. Hi there 🙂 Suppose I have hyperlinks instead of text data in the specific columns, how do I retain the hyperlink and not extract the data as text after the search

  63. I have a huge data approx. 50,000 rows and i want to filter it with search box as i start typing in the search box the data starts to filtering but i am failed to do it.

    Your example is too good but I don’t want to use “INDEX” formula.
    Please help me out.

    • Hi.
      I’m in the same situation. I’ve got a file of 15 000 rows and the list is constantly growing. I’ve tried the formula with helper columns and all works great, apart that it takes around 1-3 seconds to generate a list from my query. Also the way i made a formula is to output the data to another sheet as a summary instead of seeing all raw data, so it looks really need. I’ve also tried the same solution with the 1 000 entries and that returns data as i type. I’ve got i5 6 GB laptop and it really struggles with the large database (15k rows). Is there another way of making the same dynamic search that wouldn’t put so much pressure on processor and would return data as i type?
      Also big thanks for trumpexel for such a great solution.

  64. Hi Sumit,

    You wrote this “You can try and customize it to your requirements. You may want to create 2 filter instead of one. For example, you may want to filter records where Sales Rep is Mike and Country is Japan. This can be done exactly following the same steps with some modification in the formula in helper columns.”

    Could you please tell me what changes to make in helper columns to make 2 filters work?

    Thanks a lot!

    Kindly let me know.
    Best Regards,

  65. You can try and customize it to your requirements. You may want to create 2 filter instead of one. For example, you may want to filter records where Sales Rep is Mike and Country is Japan. This can be done exactly following the same steps with some modification in the formula in helper columns.

    Sumit, Could you please tell me how to use 2 filters, i.e. what changes to make in the helper columns?

  66. hi, this is very useful for my task. But I need one that can hyperlink also. Does this dynamic filter can be linked to other file such as pdf file? For example, if I click product 1 in the filtered table, I expect that it will open another file consists of product 1 data. Is it possible? Thanks

  67. Yes . I have a database where there are 50 columns and each column has
    10000 rows , with new entries being added each day . I want 50 dynamic
    filters on each column so that i dont have to scroll the page for
    applying filters on each column . As i want to filter data with
    combination of any number of columns , i was looking for multiple
    dynamic filter . Basically i want to use normal filters to filter data ,
    with the exception that i can place the combobox as per my convenience
    . Also if you can tell any technique wherein when I type the data in
    dynamic filter it gives a google type search dropdown also , it will be most
    helpful . Thanks

  68. hi Sumit,
    two days back only I came across your site and just looking through..it makes me wonder!!
    Keep on keeping On.


  69. Hey, great idea and implementation. I might use it at school to teach the kids a few tricks. Can all of this be done with a text field instead of drop-box?

    • Thanks for commenting and glad you liked it 🙂 I am afraid I not aware of any way to do this without combo-box. The benefit for combo-box is that it makes the data entry dynamic, which instantly gives you results.

  70. This is worked perfect! I have a table with 830 rows that displays totals at the bottom of each column; and each filter option will result in about 200 rows. The problem that I have now is that I have to scroll all the way down to row 831 in order to see the totals. This document will also be printed by end users and I would like to avoid the extra blank papers. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    • Hi Michelle.. you can try this formula:


      I have made it based on the data set I have provided in the download file (assuming Column C has numbers)

  71. Hey, I did it without Helper and Array. For intermediate level, it’s bit complex 🙂


      • Hello Bansal,
        i’m new on the forum. i looking for a way to do exactly what you describ in this topic.
        from the bebening, it works well. but when it come to apply the formulla, it became confused for me. the formula doesn’t work on my side.
        it come with mistake from the helper column 2 :=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($K$2,D4)),E4,””)
        can you help me please.
        will be gratfull



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Get 51 Excel Tips Ebook to skyrocket your productivity and get work done faster

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Get 51 Excel Tips Ebook to skyrocket your productivity and get work done faster