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Do you spend hours or even days to refresh reports and create dashboards?

Your time is too precious to waste on such tasks!

This course will make you an Excel Dashboard Rockstar. You'll be able to quickly make world-class dashboards and save a ton of time and effort.

It gives you all the nuts & bolts for making effective dashboards, along with 5 awesome dashboard examples.

With 14+ hours of dashboard videos, this course equips you with all the right tools to create world-class dashboards.

I just wanted to let you know that I think your dashboard course is excellent. I have been able to produce some excellent reports in my job using what I have learned. Thank You.

Mat Ward 
United Kingdom

Designed to introduce you to the awesome world of Excel VBA, this course will take your excel skills to a whole new level.

In this course, you will learn how to quickly automate tasks so that you don't have to do these over and over again.

This course will teach you to write and record macros to automate tasks, create custom functions, create interactive workbooks with user forums, update charts/dashboards using VBA, and a lot more.

With 10+ hours of VBA videos and 35+ example files, it will skyrocket your productivity and save you truckloads of time.

Your VBA JETPACK course is fabulous. I have listened to your videos twice up to Assignment 1. Since starting, I've improved my thinking about VBA coding. I have written some custom code for my work. I felt powerful and I'm only at Assignment 1.

Your course is SO AWESOME!!! I can't wait to get to the end.

Libby Reiser 
United States

If your a beginner in Excel, this is the perfect course for you to begin your Excel learning.

This course will start from the basics and then make you an advanced Excel user.

It's a comprehensive course with structured and easy to follow video tutorials. It is delivered through 26 self-paced High Quality (HD) videos with downloadable example files. 

Sumit, I always thought of myself as an intermediate user of Excel but I really like your teaching style. It does not assume any preconceived knowledge or skills. It just leads us through in a logical and easy-to-follow style.

Steve Rowell 
United States