Excel Course (Basic to Advanced)

  • Do you find yourself working with Excel spreadsheets all the time?
  • Do you continually struggle with getting things done in Excel?
  • Do you keep asking others for help even for the slightest of things in Excel?

If you're saying YESSSSS to the questions above, you're at the right place.

​The truth is - Excel is everywhere and everyone is using it. From your client to your boss to your colleagues to even the school going kid in your neighborhood... everyone uses it.

According to the Wall Street Journal and a report by Digital Glass, a good functional knowledge of Microsoft Excel is the key to high-paying jobs. People with good Excel skills always have a head start.

When something is so important and when a lot of your work life is spent with it, I say you take a step forward and ace it completely.

And to do that, you need to start at the right time (which is now) at the right place.

I am going to show you a highly effective way to learn Excel so that you don't have to pull your hair ever again and wonder - "How the hell do I do this in Excel".

Learning Excel is NOT Rocket Science.. Don't Make It One

There are many ways you can learn Excel:

  • You can go through a lot of tutorials in the ever expanding web of the internet
  • You can try and explore the world of Excel all by yourself and use the age old trial and error technique
  • You can buy big boring Excel books that can help you treat insomnia
  • You can bang your head with Microsoft Excel help
  • You can spend thousands of dollars and attend Excel Workshops

These methods are either very time-consuming and ineffective or need you to spend a lot of money. You can literally spend countless hours and end up learning only a few things here and there (not a good ROI).

You deserve better than this. I've something that doesn't need you to invest truckloads of money or time - The Excel Course (Basic to Advanced).

It's a 100% online video course that allows you to learn at your own comfortable pace (from anywhere and from any device).

It's a comprehensive yet concise Excel course that covers all the basic concepts in detail and then dives into advanced features. It's designed to ensure that your concepts are crystal clear and you get real-life examples that can help you start benefiting from it right away.

Sumit, I always thought of myself as an intermediate user of Excel but I really like your teaching style. It does not assume any preconceived knowledge or skills. It just leads us through in a logical and easy-to-follow style.

Steve Rowell
United States